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I Really Really Really Nead Very Very Very Good Vibes, Please!!!

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I am a little stressed right now. Well, I am a lot stressed right now...
Tomorrow I am going to have some brain/head scan thing, I find that kind of scary! I don´t even know exactly what there will be done or how long time it takes...

It all started towards the end of my pregnancy, I started to get numb in my hands when I was using them - holding the shower head, crocheing (sp?), knitting, holding a pen... It was like the numbness you get in you feet if you sit on them for too long, I don´t know what that is called in english, but very very quicly after I picked things up and used my hands, and very intensive.
After the birth it got better, but has been getting so much worse lately, when I´m feeding my son, holding a plate or a spoon, well a lot of times.

So a while ago I had a big neural checkup for my hands, but nothing came out of that.

So, not so long ago, I started getting this tickelish numbness in my tounge, upper lip, and cheek, more on the one side. The hand thing is more unpleasant, but the face thing is much more scary.

So as soon as I told the doctor about this, he booked me in this scan thing. He said the waiting time was normally 5-6 weeks, but he got me in after two weeks.

My oncle has MS, and got diagnosed the same age I am now, and another oncle (both are my mothers brothers) had cancer and died at the age of 43 (he was Feykirófa´s mother´s human).
So now I am all panicky that this is something bad...please send me some "this is nothing dangerous" wibes!!!!! I really really really need them!
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Oh No Sesselja! I pray and hope you will be okay!

Keep us posted!
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Positive thoughts and prayers for your health are on the way! I hope it's nothing serious and please update us!
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I'll keep you in my thoughts tomorrow! Healthy vibes coming out to you, but I sure do hope that they find out what is causing it, and that it is easily treatable.
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i pray that you will be ok...no major sickness or anything... be keeping you in my prayers... pls keep us updated and should u need any support you know where to get me...
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I hope its nothing serious! Best wishes for you tomorrow.
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Sending you lots of good thoughts and healthy vibes. I really hope everything works out well...
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*Crossing fingers really really hard*
Sending lots of "this is nothing dangerous" vibes.
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Sending mega calming & good luck vibes your way Hon! It does sound pretty scary though! I'm praying that nothing is wrong!

((((((((((((HUGS)))))))))) Sounds like you need some hugs!
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Oh that's so scary girl I hope everything goes ok for you. I will be keeping you in my thoughts.
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I hope all goes well for you tomorrow. I am sending good vibes and head bonks to you from me and the boys.
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That is very scary for you Sesselja!

You are in my thoughts for tomorrow and sending you as much positive thoughts as I can!
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Thank you all so much for your warm thoughts, prayers and hugs! I´m taking it all with me tomorrow!
You are such a great group of people, I am so glad to know you!
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I think it is called catscan , I may don't spell it right . But it wont hurt at all . It will be a bit scary to go in a tunnel , but it is ok . Think off it like they would take pictures of you and you will be ok . I think that is great how your Dr. respondet . That way they hopefully find out what couse you all the problems and will be hopefully able to give you the right treatment .

I sure will be praying for you .I know it is scary so I also will be praying for peace in your heart and that they find what is wrong with you . I also will pray that it is nothing serious

Bless your heart , I sure feel for you ((((((( HUGS )))))))
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I hope everything goes well for you.
I will have you in my thoughts and prayers.

I have had a MRI on my back, and a catscan, they are not painful at all, you just have to stay still.

Please keep us posted.
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Lots-0-vibes coming from the great Salt Lake area to you! Hopefully the baby is just laying on some nerves and everything will be fine!

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Boy can I relate!!
I had very strange symptoms a few years ago that all started while I was taking low dose hormone pills to regulate my heavy periods.

I had tingling, crawling, biting sensations in my feet, legs & arms (& tingling in my face too).
It was keeping me up all night. . . and making me a wreck by day.

I also developed Shingles and some strange skin rash (my immune system was definitely being compromised from the lack of sleep).

My doctor was also trying to rule out MS. After many tests (blood work, nerve conduction studies by a neurologist, and MRI's of my total spine and head) . . . the consensus was that my iron level was extremely low and that I suffered from Restless Leg Syndrome.

I took Amitriptylene (sp?) for several months to restore my sleep and started getting monthly B12 shots (my B12 was borderline low), and also started taking Niferex (iron replacement that is easy on the stomach).

After a few months my symptoms started to diminish. . . .and finally within the year were not noticeable.

I still take iron & get B12 shots.

I still have days when my vision is a little off. . . . (this was also checked out by an opthalmologist . . . . no abnormalities found). . . . it seems to be worse when I am overtired (guess I'm just getting old!).

In any event. . . . . whether you have an MRI or CT Scan tomorrow. . . . they are both painless. If you have an MRI. . . . the worst part is if you are claustrophobic. You are in a long tube (open on both ends). . . there's air blowing inside. . . and it makes a loud knocking/buzzing sound. You have to lay still for the duration of the test which takes about 45 minutes. Sometimes they inject a contrast into your blood (by IV) to help enhance the images.
It's nothing to be afraid of.

You should ask your doctor to do some blood work if he/she hasn't yet, to include iron levels.

Good luck!!

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(((((Hugs))))) My thoughts are with you today!

Earlier this year I started experiencing intense pain and at times numbness and/or tingling in the fingers on my left hand, and it would spread into my hand and wrist. At first they thought it was carpal tunnel, but after the brace didn't help, Doc sent me for an EMG (where they hook you up to a machine that sends electric impulses to determine nerve response). I had no nerve damage, although blood work turned up that I had an underactive thyroid (which can cause nerve damage).

I then had an MRI of my neck, which turned up a compressed C6 disc and bone spurs.

I started physical therapy for posture training, which seems to be helping. I'm learning to use the muscles in my neck and back "properly," ( ), which seems to be helping.

Hubby had problems with facial nerves - turned out to be Bell's Palsey, which they believe is caused by a virus in the ear. The nerves to your face pass through one very small hole in your skull (one on each side controlling nerves on each side of your face, which is why one side would be more affected than the other). Anything that inflames the nerves to your face even a little bit will cause problems because of the small passage through which those nerves pass. Bell's Palsey was treated with an anti-viral, and he's fine again. (The whole left side of his face was paralyzed, and at first we thought he'd had a stroke!)

Hope the MRI or catscan will help solve the mystery!!!

But please try not to worry - it could be a lot of things, many of which are easily fixable.

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Besy of luck vibes coming your way.
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Thank you all so much for all your support and thoughts, it really ment a lot to me!

This turned out to be MRI. It went well, but was very strange. All the noise in there, and having to be "locked up", which was the hardest part, since I get claustrophobic. The woman preparing me told me that she would be letting me know what was going on, what was next and so on. The first 2 times she let me know that the "active time" was coming (when all the noise it), and how long time it would take that time. I would have like to know how far in the time each time I was (to know when it was allmost over ) but maybe that isn´t possible. After the first 2 times I didn´t get more informations, and that was really hard, not knowing if the next active thing was 3 or 10 minutes, or how many active times were left. Towards the end I was really shaking, and starting to reach for the emergency bell, but, I survived!

So after a few days, I will know what came out of it. I will let you know as soon as I know anything.
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So sorry!! Sending prayers to you and keeping our paws crossed. Hang in there girl!
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Sending prayers your way! I hope it's nothing serious and is easily treatable.
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Sesselja, Sorry you were scared, I'm praying it was nothing serious!
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I am glad you are doing ok now lets hope all will be ok now .
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Sending good vibes and positive thoughts your way.

Good luck. Hope things are well with you and that things turn out well with the results.
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Sending good vibes and prayers for positive results!
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I will definitely be praying very hard for you. I hope everything is okay hon.
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Any news on your test results yet?
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Sorry to keep you all waiting...I just came to check in after quite some time, I didn´t mean to dissapear.

Lately I have been so very busy, and aslo so very over tired so I have not had the energy to write or stay on the computer.

The test results have come back, with normal results!

The dr. suggestion is severe swollen muscles (or what is it called?), that can affect the nerves in the hands and even the small nerves in the face when it´s very bad. He suggested I took a look at how I use the body, and try to change some, if my pillow was good enough, try to relax and maybe take some yoga and maybe some physical therapy will be nessicery. My stress and anxiety is not helping, but some yoga and workout will help that as well.

I plan to start my new life tomorrow! Every now and then I take a yoga class, and love it, it´s just hard to get off my but and go there, but now it´s doctors orders, so I´ll try harder...
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Sesselja - I was so worried for you! I am glad that it is just the muscles. Yoga is a great idea for relaxation! I can imagine you must be stressed. Why not see if there is a massage school in your area - they normally are cheaper - there is one in my area that charges $20 an hour because they are students, but they are still good enough.

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