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adopting out kittens + mom

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Hi everyone,


I have been able to adopt out all my foster kittens - yipee! Of course, now it's mom left. She's a teenaged mom, herself.


One of the adopters of two of the kittens is curious about what it would be like taking mom home, too. Mom is so sweet, I wish we could keep her. Here are her questions that I'm not sure how to answer:


-She's currently very playful with all her kittens. Will this continue? Will it interfere with the kittens developing their own dynamic?

-Would she add a disciplinary dynamic that would not otherwise be present? If so, how long would this likely continue?

-She's worried about the kittens bonding to them and sharing lap time - which I think I can answer sufficiently that it will work out fine, but is there anything here I should tell her?


Any other dynamics/caveats that I might be able to tell her about? I would obviously be thrilled if they took all three, but I want to make sure I give her a balanced picture, not just my desire to find mama a great home.


Thanks for your wise advice!

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I know my mama cat continued to play with her kittens long after they were grown. She also 'taught' them a lot that they wouldn't have known otherwise, or would have taken longer to learn on their own. I also saw her grab and scruff them when they became too rowdy, very welcome by me! Just don't separate them for very long. She hadn't seen one of her kittens for just a few weeks, and then treated him like a stranger.

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