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On line buying

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Any one know of a reputable online digital camera store?
preferably based in the US.

Many thanx!
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I bought my Kodak DX3600 on eBay and have had no problems with it whatsoever. Just be careful checking the feedback on the seller!
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Yeah, Ebay is my last resort, I would really like to buy soemthing from a large chain store or something like that, in the US are there large retailers that sell to overseas customers?

Thans for your help mom of 10 cats, I'm looking for a canon A300, our aussie dollar is no longer the south pacific peso it once was (2 days ago) and I can see some savings in buying overseas.
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I bought a digital camera from onecall.com. They're in Washington State, I'm in NYC. It was an expensive purchase that I made on line and they called and emailed me the next day to confirm that I was the person who had made the purchase, which I thought was a good thing. They promised a specific shipping/arrival date and delivered on that.(Shipping was free on my items.) They called about a week later to see if I was happy with their service. All and all, I thought they did a pretty good job.

If you look on Cnet.com under product reviews, and look for the camera you want to buy or a similar one, they have pricing at different places as well as on-line store reviews. Epinions.com and BizRate.com does the same thing. So, you might get some additional ideas there.
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I like the company quill alot. There is also large stores like bestbuy that sell online.
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Thank you for your replies.
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