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Maine Coon Mix?

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Could someone help me to identify if my family cat is a Maine Coon mix?


She is 6 months old and already about 10 pounds! She has longer belly hair. She likes to lick us a lot. Here's a picture of her.



Thanks for the help!

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What a cute kitty! I love her puffy whisker pads and her different colored legs! She's adorable. I don't see a resemblance to a Maine coon. She looks like a domestic shorthair.

What's her name?

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Yeah, she's a big kisser. Her name is Sophia. She's has some real personality. Can a regular domestic cat be 10 pounds at 6 months old? I thought she may be a maine coon mix due to her size.

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Size is no guide to breed and yes, domestics can be that size at 6 months.

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Sophia is cool looking! It's hard to tell from one picture, she might have some resemblance to a MC. I can't really tell if the muzzle might be squarish, she does have prominent whisker pads , i can't tell how strong the chin is. And looks like she has quite a warm tone to her brown tabby pattern. which is sometimes bred for in pedigree cats but can also happen naturally in random-bred cats. .... And remember the Maine Coon came from regular cats! so it's not surprising there would be cats who also end up resembling them even if not related. and that makes it pretty impossible to say.

There is a wide variety in the random-bred, non-pedigree cats. There are regular cats in various places besides New England who can get very big. My aunt years ago had a pair of longhair regular cats who were HUGE. . and if it were these days with the Internet etc. making more people know about some cat breeds, I bet people would be saying Blackie and Grey Boy must be Maine Coons or part Maine Coons. but it was nowhere near Maine and I seriously doubt someone in that rural area had some pedigree MCs going around making kittens. They just happened to be some REALLY big cats. Anyway , Sophie is a very striking kitten! and sounds very loving.

P.S. It's time to get her spayed if you haven't yet. It can help avoid some health problems like breast cancer and uterine infection. not to mention complications of pregnancy. & it is tragic how many kittens get killed every summer for being homeless. I'm glad Miss Sophia has a good home!

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