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Vomiting after meal (Cleo again)

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Yup, it's me again. I didn't want to just add on to my last post since this is sort of a new topic.

See down a few posts if you want background on Cleo's moving, valium, and diarrhea last night.

A little while after the diarrhea she seemed fine. According to my roommate she's been fine all day....no diarrhea, no acting odd.

I didn't feed her again after last night's diarrhea until tonight when I got home, just to be sure. She had plenty of water, just no food. Tonight I gave her dry food, which she prompty ate rather quick, and then about 5 minutes later she threw it up, whole, just slightly chewed.

I'm guessing she just ate too fast, I read the eating too fast/vomiting post (sorry, I don't know how to link things!), but I wanted to throw this out here anyways. I called the vet to see, and they said if she has more of either symptom to bring her in tomorrow morning, but wait till then and see how she is.

Also, when should I try feeding her again? Morning?

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Poor baby I think she definately needs to see the vet. Glad you're taking her in. I hope all goes well, keeping my fingers crossed!
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I would start right now feeding her tiny meals. Maybe a tablespoon of food at a time. Give them in 15 minute intervals. This way she will have to eat slower portions of food and should keep it down. Maybe give her some canned food so she doesn't have to chew for the first couple of feedings.
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I've given her two small handfuls of her dry food. I didn't want to do the wet since I don't know if that was what made her sick originally. She's kept the food down, seems fine. She was playing before, and is now curled up in my lap, purring and napping. I'll keep a close eye on her, see how she is as time passes.

Thanks for the help!
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Hey this is what we are here for. I'm glad she is feeling better.
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Dixie is/was like that. She would inhale her food - drink some water and toss it up. Then we got a dog and noticed that she was OK because there was never any vomit on the floor anymore . . . .LOL . . .then we wised up! YUCK!!!!

Need I say more!
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