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High TP ( Total Protein) in cat's blood test results.

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Hello. Both of my cats (I have a 4.5 yrs old female and a about-8.5 yrs old male)  have a slightly high TP in their blood test results; they have been seen by several vets and they all noticed the increased  protein value, not to be "super" concerned but...still, that could be a sign of kidney problems and eventually lead to kidney failure and such, and I am especially worried about my older cat (the male one) which, he's apparently doing fine although...up to 2 years ago, he's ALT was crazy high-over 500!- but since I started him on Denamarin (liver support supplement) it went down to 45. 

It has been 16 months since I started raw feeding my cats and they're doing great but this high protein levels worries me. Last vet I went, about a month ago, told me that the cat might be a bit dehidrated and that may explain the 8.2 TP result in his blood (even the Globulin was a bit high); vet also suggest to add some asparagus in their food?! (I guess either the real asparagus or the powder form, not sure). 

P.S. I noticed that, since my cats are on raw diet, they don't drink any water on their own anymore...and I figured it's because I add enough water in the food. Is that normal?!

i do feed my cats with raw turkey, chicken by using the CAT NUTRITION recipe.  Sometimes I add some ground rabbit or duck (but not much)


Anyway, can the TP be lowered? Could it be because of the raw meat diet  high protein content? 


Any suggestion would be gladly appreciate it, thank you.

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Well, raw fed cats should be expected to have a slightly different blood chemistry (this work by Dr. Dodd was done on raw fed dogs: ), but total protein - and its components - should be normal.

And here's information on blood work and indications:

Most cats eating a raw diet are not dehydrated - especially if you're following a ground recipe that includes the addition of water. Only two of my cats drink any water I leave out, and the vet has never found them to be dehydrated. That in and of itself would be a red flag to me that something's up - a cat on a raw diet being dehydrated. dontknow.gif

The protein content itself wouldn't be the cause of a high total protein. It means something's not being processed correctly. All my cats have had blood work done (several of them several times) since being on raw, and on a dry matter basis, the protein content of the diet I feed them is VERY high - 72%.

And if it is just dehydration, what about adding a little water to the food at each meal? I do that whenever I'm feeding ground food. smile.gif

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