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About My Brother

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My brother is a fireman in NY and this summer he had a house down in Belmar towards the end of the summer the neighbor behind him made trouble for my brother and his friend. the guys took there garbage cans and thru them all over the lawn and took pics of it and he called to cops the guys gave them a lot of trouble for no reason well to get to it my brother and his friend went down to the preicent to hand in there lease and mybrother and his freind got arrested they didnt read them there rights they just put them in a cell for 5 hrs becouse the guys said they threatened him and all my brother said was if you messed w\\someone else they would of kicked your ass . so now my brother had to get a lawyer and it is going to cost him 5 thousand dollars but the thing is to this whole thing is that the guy who started all this isnt even pressing charges and he isnt even going to the court date he says that the cops are the ones doing this to them not the guy my brother is so upset couse he dosent know how he is goint ot pay for the lawyer he already gave to lawyer 1 thousand dollars and he owes him 4000 more i wish i could do something like raise money for him or something I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO well HOW CAN I RAISE MONEY FOR HIM THIS IS WRONG WHAT THEY ARE DOING thanx for listening
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What a horrible situation for your brother to be in. I hope everything turns out ok!
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HIs lawyer should advise him to counter sue this guy for filing false charges, court and lawyer fees too.
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