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Could you pass this test?

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Can you pass the test to become a US citizen. I got 5/11 correct.
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I got 10 out of 11! I missed the one about how many amendments there are to the Constitution. I am surprised I did so well, it's been a long time since high school and US History class!
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Whew! 10 of 11-at least I remembered something from my social studies classes!
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I got 10 out of 11 - I said Hawaii was the 49th state, and the correct answer was Alaska. Shame on me - I sometimes have to teach U.S. social studies!
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9 out of 11
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Oh my! I only got 6/11. My grandfathers would be horrfied as I am only second generation. (2nd? Is that even right? Or am I 3rd? Gee...)
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Wish they had one on Canada - I could pass that one!
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I got 8 out of 11. Not so good. I didn't know how many ammendments to the constitution there were. The most embarrassing thing, was I didn't know who bacame President, if the Pres or VP were incapsitated.
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I got 7/11 correct
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8 of 11, I didn't think that was bad considering I haven't had a history class in forever .
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I got 7 - does that count for a Brit ?

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I had 6/11 we are learning about this sort of thing is social studies at the moment.
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wow. I got 9 out of 11. I thought I was gonna get like 4 outta 11.. LOL!
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Missed both the Constitution questions. How sad it that?
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I got 10/11, and missed the one on who is 3rd in line for President by not reading all the choices.
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I got 11/11, but I was a political science major, and I have a social studies teaching certificate.
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I got 10 /11. I missed the number of amendments to the Constitution.
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I got 7 out of 11 correct. I guess I should brush up on our History. Both my daughter and son majored in History in College. I would be ashamed to tell them of my score.
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5 out of 11. Pretty good, considering I've never learned any details about the US constitution or such.
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6/11 here

I failed today's quizzes
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I would be sent home with a stamp on my behind!
I go 3 right!!!
Allmost all my answers were a guessed answers!
I could do better in an Icelandic one...I hope!
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6 out of 11. hmmm...shows how much I paid attention in American History class! lol!!!
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Woohoo! 11/11. But it wasn't THAT many years ago that I finished high school, and I just had my college Political Science class like two years ago, so . . . still, I'm surprised I got them all. I always hated Social Studies.
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I got 7/11. But the third in command confused me. Don't I remember Alexander Haig, "I'm in charge"? I didn't think he was speaker of the house. And number of amendments, number of supreme court justices, I've never needed to know that. (Being Canadian and all).
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Not too bad - 9/11 - My memories of School House Rock came in handy for this quizzy, ROTFL!!!

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I got 6/11......
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I didn't do very well I only got 6 right.
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11/11. Not to bad considering its been several years since I graduated from High School. Then again, I liked learning.
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I won't tell you how poorly I scored on that one!
I hate politics. . . .
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10/11 - Couldn't remember when the Constitution was written...
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