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Afraid of grapes???

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This is really weird. We have Concord grapes growing on a trellis across the back of the house. They never bothered the cat before, but for the past few weeks he has decided that he doesn't want to walk under the grapes, so now I have to carry him in and out the back door. At first I thought he was afraid of the wasps the grapes are attracting, but he's still chasing wasps elsewhere (in the yard and out on the balcony). Do you think it could be the smell? We've had twice as much sun as usual, and there are far more grapes than usual.
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Hmmmmm , just guessing here . But wasp come there too and your cat may be afraid of them. Or maybe a snake ? Did you carefully ck everything there ? Don't make him go there , he needs to overcome his own fear by himselfs .
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oooops , I just see you said wasp . First O thought you said bees
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Try bringing a few grapes into the house and see whether he is afraid of them there. If so, that tells us it is something about the grapes that are scary. If not, it tells us that there is something going on in the vines that has frightened him.
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I tried your suggestion - yes, the grapes are just as scary in the house! I guess I'm going to have to start keeping all fruit in the fridge. Hedi, I never gave snakes a thought - the only poisonous snakes (a type of asp) in Germany are to be found hundreds of miles from here, in the Bavarian Forest. Our yard is alive with garter snakes, but JC loves to catch them and eat their tails (disgusting). My husband's theory is that JC thinks the grapes "attacked" him. Birds, especially sparrows, sit on the vines, eat the grapes, and allow the pits to drop down. It's possible that he was hit by a pit, and interpreted that as a "grape attack". Sometimes he is a bit weird, even for a cat. For instance, he feels he has first dibs on any acrylic or fleece blankets in the house. We're up to about 10 blankets (for 2 people and 1 cat), but JC complains to me any time my husband uses one of "his" blankets. I'm allowed to share the blankets, but I'm "mommy", and therefore have special privileges.
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I forgot that you are in Germany , or for sure I would not have ask about snakes While I lived ther for over 30 years I never sah a snake .

I could be that bird have their nest in there and attack your cat when he come to cloth .
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