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Word origins test

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I figured we haven't had quizzes for a while. This one is interesting.quiz

I only got 6 out of 12!
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I only got 5 out of 12.
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7 of 12. At least I knew what everything meant!
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9 out of 12, but some of them were just lucky guesses. I sometimes regret not having taken Latin in school (hubby had 8 years, and is good at that type of quiz).
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Only 5 right.......now that I'm feeling even dumber than usual.....sigh. I'm beginning to think that the hubby was right and when I had my hysterectomy the doc took out my brain too !
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oh boy , I only got 4 .
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6 correct here
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Yikes! 6/12 I stink.

Way to build our self esteem with this quiz, ady.
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8/12. Some of those a very hard, but I found it a lot of fun! I find really interresting to know the origin of words ann sayings. In this one I can hide behind that english in not my first language

One thing was funny, the hippo - river hourse. I never knew that hippopotamus acturally ment river hourse, but it really made sence, since the Icelandic word for it means "flood hourse"!
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