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New to this site - hello

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Hello all, I just found this site and just love it. In this message I'll introduce myself and my 5 kitties.

I'm Jason and I live in east King county in Washington state. I'm 32 and work as an in-home care-giver for an elderly (shh, don't tell him I said that) man. I've loved cats all my life, but never actually had one until 7 years ago. Now, I can't stand to be away from them for more than a day.

My kitties:
Apollo is my favorite cat. He's a beautiful color-point munchkin. He does have the parkings of a Siamese, but none of the traits. He's a pure Munchkin cat. He sleeps in my left arm part of the night and greets me at the door if I leave the house for a period if time. Apollo is 3 years old and fully grown. Even with his "adult" size he still comes short to being the same height of a normal cat. Munchkins are great loving cats. Ask me about them. I can even write an article to place on this site.

Czarina is snon of the house. She has to be loved when she wants it. If you don't love her at the appointed time she will attack you. It's nothing serious; just a quick scratch and reminder that she's being ignored. She's a long-haired russian blue Munchkin. She's only about 2 years old, but looks like a kitten with her small legs.

Calico Cleo is the loner of the group. She doesn't interact much with anyone unless she wants a back rub or water. About once a week she'll suddenly find some long lost energy source and tear around the house for about 10 minutes. Then she returns to her bed and passes out from all the fun she just had. She's almost 6 years old and very skiddish. We got her from the Humane Society and think her previous owners treated her very badly. She gets pampered here though.

Rusty is the paranoid one of the group. You can love this cat for about a minute or two and then, all of a sudden, he turns and bites. We're not sure why he does this. When he does get touchy I just let him be until he calms down. He's also pushy. He's good at pushing Apollo out of the way at dinnertime. Rusty also came to us from the Humane Society. I'm not saying that all cats that come from there are bad; just the owners that drop them off shouldn't've had them to begin with. He's almost 9, but doesn't show it.

Here is the sweetheart of the group. He'll come and sit in your lap for hours and hours if it weren't for food and litter-use. He waits patiently while the other cats are eating and takes his share when they are done. Also, if one cat is going through a door he waits until they are through and then proceeds himself. He's over 5 years old and shares the same birthdate as me. We've had him the longest of the group and love him the most.

Toby - honorable mention:
Toby was the cat my client had when I first started working for him. He was a beautiful long-haired russian blue who loved me from the start. We sadly lost him two years ago when he died of cancer at the young age of 15. He had the funniest habit of "crying" if he was left alone. He would meow in patterns or "sentences". It would break my heart at night hearing him do that. But, all he needed was an invitation and he would come flying into bed and spend the night in my arm.
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Welcome to the site Jason! Your kitties sound just wonderful.

We have a few Munchkin fans on the site, and two of our Moderators (Imagyne and Sandie, married) breed Munchkins.
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Welcome and it is nice meeting you and your cats
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Welcome Jason and the kitties! I loved reading about your babies!
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Jason, that was a real nice introduction your kittys sound just great, have fun here at the cat site, it is a great place
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Hello and welcome to TCS Jason and your furbabies.

They sound wonderful.
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Had to say hello - and from just down the road from you in East King County, you'll see. Am so glad you shared all of your cats. Great profile! Freddie and I, we're new, too. We made a webpage for Freddie, just under "Freddie". Do you have photos? This site is a wonderfully warm and caring place. Freddie got a note all the way from New Zealand, amazing.
From one pacific northwesterner to another - welcome!
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welcome to the board!!!
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Thanks so much for the warm welcome and comments. I have two pictures here for your enjoyment.

At the very top is Rusty. Below him is Shadow. To the left is Cleo. At the bottom is Apollo (left) and Czarina (right). As you can see they're all asleep. This is the only time I've seen them all in one location together.

Here's the best pic I have of Apollo. This picture was one shown on Q13 Fox in Seattle on August 4th.
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Welcome! Wow, you have suck gorgeous kitties! I think Munchkins are so cute! I love Apollo's little legs!
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