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Aggression due to fear question

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Hello all, I would like to introduce myself, my 5 cats, and ask a question.

My name is Jason and I'm a big cat lover.

My kitties:
Apollo - Male color-point munchkin
Czarina - Female russian blue munchkin
Cleo - Female calico
Rusty - Male red tabby
Shadow - Male black
I'll have pictures soon.

Now to my question:
This involves Czarina and Shadow. I read the article on aggression in the forum. What can I do if the thing that is causing the fear is another cat? Anytime Shadow is near Czarina she starts growling and hissing. They've known each other for nearly two years. They got along fine at the beginning, but I think this started when Shadow decided he wanted to play with her.

She's that kind of cat to start a fight or play session, but won't finish. Or when it gets too rough she wants out.

Shadow loves to play rough. He'll pick a fight with Rusty and they'll go full-blown into it except for the howling you would normally hear during a cat fight. You can tell they're doing it for fun and not for real. Well, I guess Shadow expects Czarina to play the same way.

Anytime he's near she'll hiss at him. Even if he's going somewhere important it doesn't matter to her. He's gets too close to her for her comfort.

This is especially bad in bed. She loves to sleep with me. She's the only cat that spends the entire night in bed with me. In the morning Shadow wants to come in to wake me up for breakfast. Well, Czarina starts growling as soon as he jumps in. Then she darts off the bed and Shadow follows her. I guess he thinks she wants to play. A minute later I hear anything from hissing to a full cat fight depending on how determined Shadow is to bother her.

I've tried reprimanding both cats together and separately, but that does no good so I've stopped that approach.

I read on here about Feliway and am thinking of trying it. Does anyone think that would help my situation? I would hate to give up one of them because Czarina sleeps with me and Shadow is the absolute sweetest cat I've ever known.

Thanks in advance,
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I would try feliway plug-in , it may calm them down a little . I think you can try vanilla extract on both cats . I think it is a tini trop on their gin and a trop on their back . But if you look around some in the behavior forum I am sure you can find exactly how to put some vanilla on your cats . I never done that befor , but many have and has worked for them .I am sorry that I am not more help .
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Are your cats all spayed or neutered? If not, you will find that they will mellow considerably once neutered.
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All 5 cats have been fixed. We got Czarina unaltered, but changed that once she was old enough for the procedure. Next time I make a food run I'll get some vanilla to try out on her.
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You need to put it on both cats , not just the one so they smell the same way .
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