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Monday's DT

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Remember "Tell me why, I don't like Monday's" - I used to love that song. I feel like that today. I had a rough night sleep - cats were piled on top of me all night - I couldn't move (and I didn't want to disturb them). I don't think Merlin is feeling well - he is very lethargic. All he has been doing is sleeping, he won't even play with his fav toys. I am worried about him. At least John has today off and can keep an eye out on him.

How was everyone's weekend. I rented 2 movies - Anger Management and Bringing Down the House. Both were ok, but didn't live up to their hype. Found a present for my cousin who is turning 18. She is difficult to by for as she has and gets everything she wants from her parents (typical rich spoiled brat). She just started university and is wanting to be a journalist. I gave her a structured style of journal. It looks neat.

I have had a pain in my shoulder since Friday morning. I lifted my arm to dry my hair Friday and I had a horrid shotting pain and spasm happen. It has been sore all weekend and keeps spasming - I don't know what is causing it, but if it isn't better soon, then I will go see the doctor.

Hope you are having a better day then I am!
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Ack Ady! I know how it feels with the shoulder - I have had a sore shoulder since Friday and I cannot even undo my bra, my arm wont lift up that high without getting pain in my shoulder.

Has Merlin seen a vet? I hope he is okay!

Wrote down my workout plan for today (I plan my workouts in the mornings) and today is lower body workout and then 40 mins of cardio afterwards. I have a personal trainer who practically kills me, especially every tuesday and thursday when I do Body Pump.
I just hope my shoulder will stand up to the workouts. I don't want to stop just cause of a little pain.

I am so glad to be back in my bed and I think the cats were too - they were so well behaved last night in bed, probably thought that we left because they like to play But I wonder how long it will last!

I started reading "Stiff" and its rather interesting. I like it so far.

Have a good Monday everyone!
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I rented "How to Loose a Man in Ten Days" with Kate Hudson and "Bringing Down the House". I thought the first was very funny and we laughed a lot. The second I felt was a waste of my time. I thought it would be so funny with Steve Martin.

Today is starting out OK. It rained all last night and it has not stopped, which makes the arthritis rear its ugly head. I made a mistake in my checkbook (ok course, not in my favor), so I'm wondering how I am going to solve that little problem (at least I will not be overdrawn). Oh well, if that's all the goes wrong - I'm OK.

Hope you all have a good day.
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Merlin hasn't gone to the vet yet - we are keeping our eye on him. He is eating and using his box, just has no energy. If he isn't better by tomorrow in he goes.

I also like How to Lose a Guy - they worked well together and I normally don't like Matthew McConnaugh (sp?)

Kellye - good luck with the exercise!

Nora - hope the arthritis gets better.
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Four days without caffeine! I guess I'm preparing for when and if we start trying for number 2. Well I'm not sure if I want a number 2, when it's just me and my son, it's fine and dandy, but for some reason when my hubby gets home, my son is a lot more whiney and throws these little fits of temper tantrum around him and wants to hang on to him. So then I think nah, I don't want a second one of those! LOL! Any advice or thoughts on this?

Well I hope everyone feels better!

I liked Bringing Down the House a lot more than How to lose a guy in 10 days. I guess if you're not into Queen Latifah and the whole pun of 'black lingo' then it's not as funny. I do not like Matthew even though he has a hottie body from the neck down.

I rented Master of Disguises with Dana Carvey it was okay, funny to see him do his usual routine of different characters. We watched A Man Apart with Vin Diesel (hottie) but he really is not a good actor or just doesn't get the right parts. Hmmm boring weekend nonetheless.

Has anyone here bought the Ford Focus? I'm still looking into that even though hubby isn't too thrilled about it. We prefer the Volkswagen or the Toyota Matrix but neither are offering a 0%APR.
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I'm at this moment listening to the Lilo and Stitch sequel for the 3rd time today. The kids are really playing and listening to it more than sitting and watching it. I feel like death warmed over and am being bad and letting them go nuts on that movie. It's actually pretty cute the 1st time you watch it. It does lose most of it's appeal after the 10th time. The little critter is still amusing though, not Stitch, some new character. The plan for the day is to get motivated and get laundry done. Boy howdy, that's some fun.

Jelly, does your husband give in to your son alot? Sounds like he's got Daddy wrapped around his finger and is milking it. He knows he can't get one over on you so is going down the line.

As for the Ford Focus..my husband has been in the car business for 20 years and doesn't think much of them at all, says he sells service contracts not Fords. He's an internet sales manager so sells a bunch of different types of cars. I personally LOVE Toyotas. My Mom had one that taught 4 kids to drive, lived through 4 or 5 accidents, and went almost 300K before meeting it's demise. My sister ran it into a ditch hard enough that it bent the frame.
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UH HUH!!! He's got him wrapped so tightly, he can't think straight! LOL!! Very irritating to my ears though. I sometimes want to kick both of them out the house LOL! Wow Lilo & Stitch, that's my fav! You probably know some of the lines by now How many do you have?
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Its been a busy day for me, I took Noah and Indie in to be neutered. They werent happy. I pick them up after 3 pm. I know they will be happy to get back home.
As for the ford Focus, I have a 2003 ZX3 and I love it, its the hatchback, has the wide tires, etc. Its very roomy on the inside, more than you would think. I really like mine, but I live in it practically. I'm always on the go. Last year we bought my daughter a 2002 Mazda Protege ES, its fun to drive too, but my Focus has more room and a smoother ride. If I had it to do again I would buy it again, I like the hatchback XZ3 and the 5 door ZX5, I dont really care for the look of the 4 door ones though.
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Malynn!!! How are you doing? You are busy busy as a bumblebee! Thank you for telling me this, I only like hatchback also than the four door...hmmm....I have to keep putting pressure on hubby then
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I've got 5 children. Alexis is 7 going on 20, Brittany is almost 6, Lauren is almost 5 and Samantha and Charles were a year old last week. I tried to post a pic, but when the memory was small enough the picture was the size of a stamp lol.
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I have been doing my work, calling some customers at the same time I check in here(lol).
My Arthritis is really bad the past week or so, I have been doing too much.
It is still hot here, 104 yesterday, feels a bit better today. I want to go outside and work in the garden but just too hot.

I am going to Starbucks, in a while then to the store, garden center, bank, then finish some of my data entry for work.

Have a safe day all.
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I have a cold. I hate having colds. I'm certainly not sick enough to stay home from work, but I feel crappy enough that I don't really want to do anything. Blah. So instead of work I'm hanging out on TCS. Which I shouldn't be doing, but I will anyway.
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Ooooh a quick note first Anger Management SUCKS!

Well it's Tuesday and School Holidays and I'm planning to bath a cat-

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Went to work and worked thru lunch. Came home a little early and tried to trap another of our ferals. Caught the neutered one twice and gave up. Picked up "Lucky" at the vet - he was neutered on Saturday. Got home, did 2 loads of laundry, threw on dinner, did the weekly scrub down of all the litter boxes, washed the dishes from last night, then sat my butt down at TCS. Football and tequila shots later.....

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Only got about 4 hrs sleep, last night and almost called in, today. I have such a reputation for perfect attendance and punctuality, though, that I couldn't do it.

Bill has last night's leftover lasagne heating up so, I don't need to cook. Had to stop on the way home, for new shoes. My black leather athletic shoes gave up the ghost (actually their soles) on Friday. Thank goodness, Payless is on the way and they had the perfect pair. Next week, when my pension comes in, I'm going back and buy the good-looking brown pair, too.
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This is her photo of her children aren't they cute!
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bump so people can see my furless babies lol
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