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What a gorgeous pic of Zoey!
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She has such gorgeous eyes. That's a good picture.
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She is a beauty, and she has the most beautiful green eyes.
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Beautiful Picture of Zoey.
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ROTFLMAO!! As usuaI, I love all of your pics...but today, this one is my favorite!


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OH MY GOSH!! Those pis of them playing with the box is sooo dang cute and LMAO!!!!! JB does that with me when he hides inside a box, he'll jump out or play with my foot through the holes!!!! Ahhhh but alas, he won't let me get another kitty I don't think. And I guess my hubby won't go for cleaning two litter boxes during my pregnancy
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Originally posted by Sicycat
Check this out. I cut some holes in this box (thanks for the idea superkitty!) and they are having so much fun

The box thing is a cool idea! I'm going to copy!
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Originally posted by Hydroaxe
That's a really beautiful shot of Zoey. She looks so pretty and pristine, like a little kitty princess or something . Too bad she's not a cuddler because she looks like such a bundle of hugs! I like those box shots too. Saki's getting bigger and his coat is starting to look softer as well.
Thank you. I love my sweet girl so much. Actually, she is getting a lot more affectionate. I am really pretty happy about the progress. The other day she jumped into my lap twice in one night! Stayed there for about 5 mintues each time to get some pets.

Saki's coat is MUCH softer now. It used to feel like a carpet I swear it was so horrible

mzjazz LMAO!! You can copy cuz I copied off superkitty
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Love the box pics! They're super cute together!
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How mean! Someone took a star off my thread. I bet I know who too


more box pics lol

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aaawwww they sure look like mom and son to me
Great picture Sicy
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I agree they look like mom and son! So darn cute! I haven't found a good box to copy your idea yet.

So let's see..... who could have taken a star away.....
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Lets start a lynch mob for the person who took the star off!
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I can't believe how big Saki is getting already!!! He's going to be a BIG boy!
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You think?? I dunno.. he's very lean! He's about 4 months now but he still seems small to me
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I agree Saki is going to be a big hansome boy: Zoey and Saki look like they are having a blast with that box
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Honestly I cant wait until he grows up! He is such a trouble maker.
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He is just adorable! I love the pics of the 2 of them together. You can tell they were meant to be together.
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I love the box pics!!!

sicy, probably Saki looks the same because you are used to seeing him every day, I know with JB he looks the same till someone that hasn't seen him in a while will exclaim at how big he's gotten LOL!

how can someone take away a star? that's odd... i'll add one if I can...
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Someone gave a lower rating so it averaged down...I just added a top rating - hopt that helps bump you back up - your 2 deserve all the stars!
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Yay! Its back to 5 stars!

I am in love with those two! And Peedoodle is in love with Zoey
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I added the 'star' But I still can't figure out how someone can take away a star...
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Love the pics, they are so cute together!
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lol thanks guys .. its not a biggie Basically if someone rates a 5 star thread 1 star, it will drop to 4 stars.
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OMG do I know how that goes with the size thing. When my MIL saw amber, just a couple months ago, she was like, 'oh my god, shes so big!' and I'm like no shes not! I thought she was crazy. Then hubby pulled out some pics from when we first got her and I was floored!

I HAD a box with holes in it, and now its pretty torn up and crappy looking. Now that I am getting my new baby tomorrow (yay!) I will have to find another box and hope they have as much fun as your two have! after integration of course.
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Wow down to 4 stars again. Obviously someone doesnt like my cats.
I mean, come say it to my face, I dont mind

My box actually has a nice bunch of teeth marks on it I think Saki is teething I keep looking for missing teeth.
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Well Sicy,

I have no clue who would be trying to rate your Zoey and Saki low but I think they're absolutely beautiful! I voted for a 5 star rating a while back, and I tried to vote for 5 star again but I'm not seeing any way that I can

It doesn't matter. Zoey and Saki will always be 5 star kitties to me!
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Saki will play fetch with anything, he is so funny

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Well I just gave your kitties 5 stars. I think they're adorable!
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OMG what hilarious pictures Sicy!
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