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It would be nice, but I cant. My limit here is 2 cats. If my landlord even found out I was feeding her she'd kick me out Plus Prego has not even let me touch her yet. I dont think she'd appreciate being confined after living outdoors her whole life.
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That's too bad. She is such a beautiful cat.
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I know but I just keep thinking about what a better life she has now that she's been spayed and she eats regular meals at my house. Dry food, wet food, treats.. I play with her every nite, she has a nice chair with blankets that she can sleep on.

I mean for at least a year before this I saw her occasionally but never left food out because I know what happens when you start feeding cats, and I wasnt prepared to deal with it at the time.. but she is just so much healthier now I can tell. I feel good knowing that I am able to do these things for her at least, whereas before I'm sure she just scrounged for food and slept in the dirt, having babies constantly.
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Oh, I think what you've done for her is wonderful Sicy. I just feel so badly that a beautiful cat like her had to end up homeless in the first place. I think it's wonderful that you've taken upon yourself to take care of her.
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Thats too bad Prego hasn't a great house to call home like yours.

Hope she gets one though.....

Keep up the good work with her.
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Lazy cats

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"Lazy Cats" is adorable...it looks as if Zoey is gazing at him with pride or love, and he's looking at the camera as if to say "Oh I love you!".

Great shot, candidate for a calendar page I'd say...now there's a project for TCS....pin ups of adopted or rescue or feral cats belonging to or cared for by tcs members....
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Zoey and Saki are always so cute together. They are making me a real fan of the grey/blue kitties.
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I love the Zoey and Saki updates, they just always look so sweet and content. Saki looks like a big boy in this picture, he sure has grown!
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Zoeyand Saki look so cute together , Sicy you got some very cute and pretty babies .
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Awww, how relaxed they look in that last shot!!
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Originally posted by Sicycat
Lazy cats


They're so cute.
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ooooooh soooo cute!!!
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These two are just so sweet!
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Aww sleeping kitty!
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Must....kisss.....his....little....nose....must ....resist!
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how come this thread doesnt have a rating? should it?
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lol you're welcome to rate any thread you want!
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Originally posted by Sicycat
TOO cute as usually Sicy. What a little

Oh no. I can't resist giving Saki a kiss.............

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Man, you have the best cats and take the best pictures!
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I hadn't been in here for about a week so I thought I better catch up! Cute pictures. And Zoey looks like she has taken up the mothering role with little Saki!
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I LOVE THESE PICS!!!! AAHHHH!!! Zoey Saki overload!!!! Man I'm way jealous now!!!
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Check this out. I cut some holes in this box (thanks for the idea superkitty!) and they are having so much fun

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That is so funny . Great pics Sicy
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I just love these pics. Great shots Sicy.
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Sicy, that is very cool! Glad your kitties liked the playbox idea. Those shots of Saki shooting his paw out at Zoey are hilarious.
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Ouch! Looks like Zoey is gonna eat Saki's paw!

Cute Pictures!
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attempt at the rating...
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My pretty girl

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