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Pauie News...Cancer-advice please.

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I can't type much. The vet called with Pauie's biopsy results and we have a decision to make.

He has (currently Low grade) Malignant Sarcoid Lymphoma...cancer, and it is mainly in the bowel.

The vet said we could give Chemo a go. 25 weeks of weekly injections, and sedation each time as he gets so stressed. The results are variable.

The other option is steriods to see how long we can keep him going.

Either way the prognosis is poor.

I can't bear the idea of losing him. We've only had him since
November, and I am so attached.

We don't know what to do. Has anyone put their cats through Chemo ??? Is it bad ??? What happens...is it worth it ???

My head is reeling. I don't know what to think. We are all in
tears. We need your opinions fast as we have to make a decision in the next two days.

Thanks in advance
Peace, Love, and Happiness, Always
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How poor a prognosis did the vet give? I'm also interested as to what the vet said the success rate was with the chemo. If you've got a really good chance of saving him(above 50 percent) I'd say give it a shot. If you're getting under 50/50 odds I personally wouldn't. My mother died in June after having battled leukemia for a year. She always joked(Mom was a tough lady) that quote "It's a damn shame the cure feels worse than the sickness."
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I had to put my Logan thru Chemo, actually he handled pretty well and actually seemed to pick for awhile. Unfort his cancer was in the liver & just too much for my baby. If you do go thru it I would recommend meat baby food to help supplement your furbabbies food. Sometimes they don't have alotof energyto eat, but since they can just lap up the baby food they will eat that. My strongest prayers go out to you.
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I'm so sorry about Pauie.. poor sweet guy. I dont know much about cancer in cats but it sounds so horrible to have to sedate him once a week. What did they say about the steroids? I might try that first and see what happens. (if it were me)

I'll be keeping him in my thoughts.
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I am so sorry to hear such sad news.

I would have a long talk with the Vet, like someone said what are the odds. I guess surgery is not an option? If he does have the chemo how much time will it give him?

I wish I could offer more help.

You will be in my thoughts.
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I am sorry to hear about your baby!!

I put one of my cats thru chemo and it extended his life by about 2 weeks. In that case it was not worth it. If given the option, I would find out the prognosis with and without the chemo, and make a decision from there. Chemo is hard on them, and if it doesn't extend there life by quite a bit, I personally don't feel it is worth it - I believe in quality rather than quantity of life.
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We have talked it over with our vet and decided that we will not be putting our dearest Pauie through Chemo. The vet said, if anything, the constant sedation and stress would shorten his life.

So our plan of action is to fight this with alternative medicines as much as possible, starting with Homeopathy. I have made a step towards contacting Richard Alport of the Cat World Magazine who treats cats all over the world with Homeopathy in his practice, and writes for the magazine, as well as giving lectures. We have decided that we can't just do nothing and wait for the heartbreaking end.

I have sat down and had a long chat with Pauie, and asked him to tell me when it is time. He stared into me with those big penetrating eyes of his, and I think, in his own way, he will tell us when we must part, but for now, he will be with us for a little while longer, and we will pamper to his every whim...and he will take total, complete, and full advantage of us, and he will walk
all over us, as we pray that the sad parting will never come.

Thank you all, for your continuing support.

Peace, Love, and Happiness, Always
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