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Dog Show/Carnival/New House

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Hello Everyone.

I just got back from looking at our new house which is all very green and it's lovely with a lovely view.

This week is the National Dog Show- Now dogs are my fave animal so generally I'm very excited about this- I can't wait to go, it's in a few days.

And tonight it's the Wellington Carnival, Only comes once a year, and We might be going

Hope everyone is having a nice day!
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Guess no body else is interested! LOL!

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Sam, it's not that no one is interested, it's that the Emmy Awards are on and probably many people are watching that.

Glad to hear you like the new house. That would be cool to go to a dog show. I've only watched on Animal Planet.
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LOL Heidi- I was only being silly!

Yeah it's the National Dog Show and it's always held near us and it's a lovely eventful few days! They are much more intersting then Cat Shows!

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Well, per our chat on Spam, glad you like green, and can get along with the light green carpet! Yay, congrats again on finding the new place so quickly. 8 min walk to the beach would be a dream!

If you decide to go, have a fantastic time at the Carnival! I love to get cotton candy. I don't care how bad it is for me.
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Yeah Thanks Superkitty! When I was younger we used to live across the road from the beach, that was a superb house!

Carnivals are great fun, I love eating lots of candy & hot dogs and then going on a rollarcoaster and throwing up!LOL
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When you go to the dog show hug a German Shepherd for me.
That is if the breeder will let you(lol)
Ex hubby and I bred show Shepherds for 18 years.

Glad you like your new home, sounds wonderful.

Oh and take photos of dog show if you can.
Would love to see the New Zealand dogs.
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Will do Nighteyes- and I also just gave my beatiful germy shep a cuddle from you as well! oh and my 1/2 germy!

I'll try and take pics- hopefully my camera is ready by then!

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The dog show sounds like so much fun!!! Can't wait to see pics! I also want to see some pics of your new house!
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