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preganancy help..help is highly appreciated

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hi guys, i need some help on something... as u know,my girl friend is pregnant and i've only had my preganancy till the third mth.. i wish to really know what kind of stuff to look out for after the first trimester..like what kind of food to eat that is good for the baby..what to do to ensure a smooth delivery... kinda like sharing some important info with me so that my poor girl friend can have some idea about what to look out for during her preganancy...i'll appreciate it a whole lot...thanks..
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Well, just eat healthy and take those prenatal vitamins. As for a smooth delivery stay as active as you can! I'm not saying to take up bungee jumping, but go walking, swimming, any type of low impact exercise you can get. This is of course assuming your doctor says it's OK. Also check into childbirth classes. Just knowing what's going on is going to help you stay calmer.
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Follow the recommendation of your health care provider.
Take your pre-natal vitamins. . . be sure to eat protein with your meals. . . drink milk. . . . don't overdue the empty calories (sweets & such)- they pack on the pounds. Don't drink alcohol. . . . don't smoke. . . don't take any drugs unless ok with your health care provider. . . watch the caffeine. . . get plenty of rest. . . . wear your seatbelt. . . . watch the icy walks in winter (if you live in a cold climate). . . relax & read books on pregnancy. . . . learn all you can about the subject including labor & delivery. . . . keep a journal during your pregnancy. . . . enjoy this time! It's so special
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I know what you mean..it's a special period in a woman's life... do u guys need to prepare anything during this period of time? like nursing bra and stuff like that?? any ideas for cheaper maternity dresses and stuff?? stuff to bring to the hospital when in labour?? u know it sounds weird but somehow i think i'm more anxious than the actual mother..LMAO!!
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Stuff to take to the hospital depends on the mom. Whatever is going to occupy her before things get tense is good. Childbirth classes or a good book will really give you a good idea on that one. I don't know about nursing bras. I never bought one. I did nurse all my babies, but I'm um, top heavy and couldn't ever find one to fit so made do with regular ones. Children's resale shops usually have maternity sections, and they're pretty reasonable. If mom doesn't need to look nice for work every day pants with REALLY stretchy elastic waists will do it and those are pretty cheap.
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Hmmm. . . . digging in the archives here. . . . it's been 15.5 years since I had my last child!

I had a simple wardrobe. . . . some borrowed. . . . some new. . . .
I wore jumpers (dresses with lots of room). . . . overalls. . . .

I hated the maternity pants with elastic panels in the front.

I did find some clothes in catalogs. . . . back when I had my children the clothes were hideous. . . . those ugly maternity shirts with arrows pointing down "Baby Here". Aaack!

I think maternity clothes have come a long way since then!

As for nursing bras. . . . I had a few. . . . along with nursing nightgowns and button down shirts. Unfortunately, I was not able to feed my kids. . . . my daughter had complications during birth and was in the intensive care nursery for 1.5 weeks so my breast feeding was delayed (that's what I blamed it on).

When I had my son, I started feeding him right away. No matter how determined I was. . . . his pediatrician said he was not thriving. I was in the small percentage of women who cannot breast feed.

I was actually relieved to hear that. . . . because it was frustrating to have my son crying so much (from being hungry). . . .and once I switched to bottled milk, he slept so much better.

Do they offer child birth classes where you live? You really should sign up. . . . you will find them very helpful to answer your questions. The hospital where I delivered had a special library for new parents. . . . they offered lots of classes, books & literature.
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Definitely have your friend discuss all the health issues with her Dr. he can best help her to eat properly etc. Have a suitcase already packed to go to the hospital when the time gets near. A robe and gown are essential, and slippers. You will also want to have clothes to take the baby home in. Take a camera so you can take lots of pictures, and a list of phone numbers to call to let all your friends/family know when the baby is born.
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