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Warning - Rant!!

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The rescue I'm with had an adoption clinic Saturday. We had 5 adult cats (all dumped) and 5 new kittens from another rescue, who are swamped with 25 kittens.. I recently got 7 kittens and two adult fosters adopted out.

A woman comes up and tells us she has a litter too, and another on the way and needs our help. "How did that happen?" I ask, not really wanting to hear the answer.

"My cat is still nursing a litter, and she went out and got pregnant AGAIN!!" this well dressed, mature and seemingly intelligent woman says, with great indignation at the NERVE of her cat to do this!

I really wanted to hit her - hard. I said, "Take her and get her spayed". (Doh!!) Her answer - "I can't afford that!!"

As she stormed off to get into her late-model Camaro with leather interior, I called after her - "YOU are the problem - AND the reason WE have to do this!" She gave me a dirty look and sped off.

Rant over. I feel a little better.
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Cant afford that ??? ...I better don't say anything now ...
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Can't afford??? Gimme a break, lady! You told her. Too bad it's not likely she'll take it seriously!
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