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What does everyone do for a living?

I am going to Cosmetology school and I am a waitress.:blossom: :girlie: :girly2:
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I am a staff writer for a newspaper in Connecticut and also volunteer in animal rescue with Rene and Clint, Michele, Sandie and Ken.
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I work as a correction officer at a prison
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I'm a stay at home mom for two preschoolers, Amy and Adam.
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Im a psychologist, referee, babysitter, warden, counselor, best friend and sometimes bi*ch...
Yep, I'm a bartender!

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I am a knifemaker, stay at home mom to many animals and artist...I also like to write and am working on a book
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I am an Adult Protective Caseworker with our local Dept of Social Services. My other full time job is wife and mom! The last two are the ones that wear me out!!!
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I am a teacher and a student (working on master's degree).
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I am a legal secretary specialing in insurance defense cases. My other jobs are takng care of the critters, judging cat shows and placing retired greyhounds and babysitting friends greyhounds, all of which I love. O, I'm also a wife but that's another story.

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I worked for years and when the opportunity to retire early came along, I jumped on it!!! I am now working on my yard and house to improve them. The yard is little over an acre and on a steep hillside over looking the Appliachian Mts. The previous owner only mowed about 4 times a year, so I have alot of work ahead of me.

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In my opinion, Between Jeannie and Dawn, that's the perfect life! Dawn, I know you have your work cut out for you, but I'd much rather be Domestic than work for someone. Then again I'm establishing a career so I never have to hear"You NEED me". I guess I will have to make the best of it either way!
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I work at Motorola in the fabs making the chips for the pagers, etc. I would really like to go to school and get my degree, though!
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I'm just a humble receptionist! Nothing exciting Im afraid! I look after "Video conferencing" appointments and equipment too (it looks like a tv set in there! camaras everywhere following you round the room! creepy.....). But when I get home, I'm a wife, and a mum to my furbabies, I do a bit of gardening and lots of art (mainly portraiture) and some cross stitch here and there when I want to just sit back and chill out.....
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I am a Financial Administrator for the East Lake Fire Department. Great job, people here are very nice and the benefits are excellent. The only thing I do not like is to here about sad news every day.

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I work in the Accounting Department for a Software company. I also volunteer for Rene's animal rescue group. I foster puppies and dogs. I did foster kitties a while back but I had a hard time placing them. I kept keeping them all! As it is I kept two of my foster puppies. Sarah and AJ. I have a hard time giving up my fosters. I cry everytime one gets a home but I know if I kept them all, I would not be able to help save more!

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I'm a news editor at a news agency. I translate boring stories from Bulgarian into English everyday but I love my job and I love the people I work with.
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I work at a music promotion company. I talk to radio stations all over the country & the different record companies about new music.

I get to travel, go to concerts & album release parties & showcases. It's a lot of fun
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Geez, I feel so boring now! I was looking at all your great jobs and thinking"boy are you boring girl!"
All I do is manage a restaurant, But after 10 years, I think I am doing a good job! Can't say i LOVE my job but I CAN say I like the people see everyday and wait on!
after that I am a part time computer junkie, fish breeder and cat spoiler!(the cat one is a FULL time job in it self! LOL! I don't mind though!)
After all of the above, I am a house keeper but this one doesn't come on a regular basis, because of the other things to do first!:tounge2:
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Hey Barb,

Don't apologize! I managed a restaurant for 8 years and really loved it! The only thing that made me get out of it was getting tired of the 50 hour work weeks and all the late hours.
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I am an event planner for private
and corporate parties.
I also work on a lot of Non-Profit
fundraising events! :flower:
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Airprincess: Now I get where your "name" comes from!

Thanks everyone for responding. It seems like everyone spends so much time at this site,lately myself included, I think it is neat to see what people do when they are not on the computer!
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Talk about boring. I stay at home... clean.. cook... do laundry.. care for my kittens and hopefully will start school soon. Though I have absolutely no idea what I want my career to be.

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Used to be a up until one year ago. I quit to try my luck as a webmaster and website owner, just as the market crashed .
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You forgot your other job of saint, for putting up with all of us!
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Thanks Deb!
I still think my job is nothing compared to what you guys do, but I still appreciate it!:rainbow:
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But, I earn what little I do doing corporate video and film work. Other than that, when work is slow, I stay home and have bonding time with my furballs!
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Deb - I enjoy that and it doesn't make me any real money, so how can it be a job?
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I guess being Bill Gates is taken,so my dream job would be to be able to make a decent wage at the job I've been doing for 29 years now...piloting an 18-wheeler. Seems as if I'm working twice as long for 1/2 the money these days.

Small joke.... After a big row with his wife Willie storms into the bedroom and starts throwing his clothes into his suitcase."That's it...I'm leaving for good. I'm going to Miami and become a Gigilo."

Suzie starts packing too. Willie stares at her and shouts "Where do you think YOU'RE GOING??" "With you",she replies..."I want to see you try to survive on $100 a year!!!" :tounge2:
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Well, gee Anne, all I can say to that is wait until motherhood comes along. It's the most strenuous job you never got paid for!
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I agree with Deb25......motherhood is HARD work and doesnt always end when the kids are grown and move away. I have had several jobs off and on over the years. I have managed a garden center, drove a forklift, worked in a greenhouse and worked as a sales clerk. Raising kids was the hardest of all these jobs. Right now I am thinking of having my own internet site (not just a website which I now have) but the market sure is bad for that right now.
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