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Spaying Senior Cat

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Sunset is around 12 yrs old and still intact. She's not really had too much of a spraying problem until we moved into our new house (about 2 months ago). Now she just keeps spraying everywhere. I'm not sure how to fix this situation. Sunset is in pretty good health for being so old and I'm wondering if spaying her would be the right thing to do for both of us. Do vets even spay cats this old? Any input would help a lot!
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Talk to your vet about spaying this old. I can't advise, as I always spay them before their first heat.

There could be a lot of things happening with your girl. The new house could have had cats living their previously and your baby is picking up their scent. She could be stressed by moving into a new environment and is telling you her displeasure. Or she is 12 and things aren't working right for her.

In any change of behavior like this, you should get your girl to the vet. Regardless of what triggered it, spraying is often signs of a urinary tract infection. You need to make sure she is healthy before you try any behavior changes with her. Ask your vet about spaying her when you bring her in.
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