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Christmas presents For Cats?

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Has anybody got any ideas yet? I found a kitty condo for these guys. Its 154 dollars but its beautiful!! I haven't bought it yet but i think it might be the Santa prresent!
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Kitties must have been very good this year!
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YES! Kitty Condo's make the perfect gift. Also window perches, new set of toys, special snacks, fresh catnip.....

I don't buy things like new food bowls, as its too much like getting new clothes as a young child. LOL!!

Nancy admitted that the condo she sent us on Friday was our Christmas present this year. I'd say that we did well!
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I got my guys a condo last year This year I think i'm going to make them all new fancy collar
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I always open up their favorite treats, but in addition, it's usually more of their favorite toys from those they've tested and some new ones to test

This year, it's time to replace some of their cat trees and we are thinking of creating a cat walk around one living room
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Ashley doesn't play with toys. So for Christmas I buy her all different sorts of treats and canned cat food. Last year I bought her a bed, which unfortunately, she doesn't like. Not sure what I'm getting her this year, depends on how much we have to spend.
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Last year, I bought treat balls. These are hollow balls, with a hole in them. You load them with small treats and, as the cats roll them around, the treats fall out. Pearl ate one of the balls and Buddy keeps knocking the other one under the sofa.

The cats and dogs also get bites of turkey. Since the dogs eat dry , all of the time, I give them canned turkey dog food on Thanksgiving and Christmas.
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My kitties get products all year to test out. On Christmas they get turkey to feast on- that is their treat.
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Our kitties get toys & food!
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i guess my kids got their christmas present really early this yr..i got them a cat condo which really ripped my pocket apart...i'm just glad they love it... as for christmas eve, i'll probably give them some fav food to let them feast on...
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I plan on getting the boys new beastie band collars and a big cat tree for Christmas. I know that hubby will think I am nuts but it is one of those "Oh Well" things
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For my Dad's cat Pumpkin, her Christmas present is getting to play in the wrapping and boxes. She's such a simple cat to shop for...
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Ours get treats on the holidays, but then again, they get treats all year round too. They are spoiled rotten.
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Oh, my cats are getting a cat couch, I saw them at Petco the other day, they are so cute! It looks just like a carpeted couch, their size, it will look so cute in the family room with them on it watching tv with us....whoops, forgot, they have to take turns, they will not get near each other.
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In Rowdy's case, all of those nifty, dangling "toys" on the tree are great presents.

When I rearranged the furniture, last March, I found 27 ornaments under the couch and coffee table.
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My kitties always get a fresh cat nip toy. . . .since my teen & young adult child will not allow me to capture them on video in their PJ's on Christmas morning. . . . I tape the cats instead!

This will be Morrell's first Christmas with us. . . . I am praying that he will not climb our tree or knock it over.

He's such a rambunctious (sp?) cat!
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I stopped having a tree when Midnight climbed the last one I had, 7 yrs ago, and knocked it over, breaking the tree and most of the antique ornaments on it, some of which had belonged to my great grandparents. I decided that cats and xmas trees didn't mix! So we decorate in other ways. I do miss having a tree a lot, but it's not worth the headache, especially now with 16 mischief makers!
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OMG, I just now realized no way will I be able to have a tree(lol).

Maybe I can try one of those artificial ones I see on the shopping channel with the lights already on it. I will not be able to hang any decorations though.

I can see my cat now with the presents, he will have a blast with all the boxes.

What will I get him for Christmas.. hummmmm a toilet all his own(lol)
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I must just be lucky because our cats have pretty much left the tree alone every year. The worst that happened was that they took an entire string of garland off of the tree. Well, I think Trent took it off so Ophelia could play with it. Wasn't that nice of him?

When we tried to give them their presents last year, some catnip mice, they didn't get it. Now Trent will shred every piece of tissue paper in the entire house given half a chance, but the one time I *give* him tissue paper to shred to get his prezzie? Nope. They did like the mice once they were unwrapped for them.
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