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I really love making polls!

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Hi everyone! I love making polls, so here is a new one. Please could you all vote in it as I love to know whether I am normal, weird or obssessed!!! I do know one thing though - As far as cats are concerned, I am definately obssessed, and I guess everyone else here is too!

Oh, if you wanna vote in my other poll, go to the behaviour forum, and their is a thread named 'so what do you do with a fierce kitten'. If you have any extra info on that subject it would be useful too!!!

Thanks! Bye!
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I just wanted to add a rating for this thread as I only just found out that you could. This is kind of the - FIND OUT NEW STUFF thread at the moment!!!!!
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Hmm well lets see it was a tough choice but i choose

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I hate to break this to you, but my number one favourite animal is the pig. Cats come a very close second.
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I picked cats, but I'm about equally in love with horses. When I was a little kid, I got mad at my mother because I was born a human, instead of a horse. I always wanted to be a horse. In fact so much so, that I used to take scarves and use them as tails, and if my mother didn't check me out carefully, before we went to the store, I'd bring my trusty scarve with me, and gallop thru the store, whinnying and neighing, which was a great source of embarrassment to my mother.
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I love all animals, Esp. cats, dogs, horses, hamsters, and budgies (what we here in America call Parakeets). I had hamsters and budgies as a kid because my mother thought we weren't ready for a cat yet - it ast least gave us the responsibilty of being able to take care of a fur - or - feather baby when we got older. (I still miss two of my hamsters and two of my budgies.)
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I picked cats as my favorite but I like dogs and horses alot too.

Hope, your post is too funny!
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Originally posted by Kiwideus
I hate to break this to you, but my number one favourite animal is the pig. Cats come a very close second.
Hmmmm... never guessed that with your previous piggy sig and avatar.
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Ok those 2 that didn't pick cats SHAME ON YOU!! lol JK!
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I dont' know, i really love cats, but i love dogs and guina pigs too!
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Hmmmm let me see....Cats..Dogs...Cats....Dogs....Cats...Dogs

I will have to say CATS
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Cats are my favorite, but I also like:

Crows and Ravens
Cheetahs, Leopards and other big cats

Of course, not all in the same place at once, that would be rather too much like Noah's ark for my tastes...
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Thanks for all your posts and votes. I think I really should change the poll to have a horse option since so many of you seem to love horses. Sorry!

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I voted Dogs but I love cats as well!
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a cat
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It looks like I'm the only one here who has dreamed of having a pet rhino.
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A pet rhino? Okay..... that is kind of a weird dream, but no offence, I like rhinos too!

(Not as much as cats though!!!)

:jarswim: :flash: :split: :daisy:


( I love smilies as you can see!!! )
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Cats Rule!
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I like all animals, especially the wild animals so I couldn't chose any one particular animal in your poll, sorry.
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Couldn't help myself, I had to go with cats, LOL!!

Hey! Whatever happened to that girl who has a pet roach named Herm? Now there's a pet I will NEVER forget! Herm the Hissing Roach... Eeeeeeek!!!!!!

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