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Anal glands full

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My two cats (litter sisters) have licked their abdomens until they have no fur on them. Our vet has ruled out mental/pyschosis cause (tried hormone and sleeping pill therapy).

Although the vet still suspects it may be an allergy problem, at the last checkup Vet discovered that their anal glands were very full (but not impacted). Vet emptied their glands and we're waiting to see if there are any changes. My question is : what can cause cats to have their glands fill up and not empty naturally. (Both cats have always been indoor cats)
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Hi Faith and welcome to the forums!

I did some reading and from what I can see in The Cat Owner's Home Veterinary Handbook, some cats just have overactive anal glands. As they're sisters, this could be just a family trait.

I don't know if this has anything to do with their overgrooming problem though.

Let us know how they're doing!
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My cat also has licked his belly furless. This just recently started. His vet thinks its an allergy since we already ruled out fleas. I initially thought it was the new crystal-type litter but we switched back and the problem has gotten worse. The vet told me to sprinkle "missing link"
a food supplement on his food, he won't eat the food. He also has a problem with full anal glands, this is a chronic problem. The vet states there is no relationship. Anyone have any ideas?
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