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Does This Seem Familiar To Anyone?

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I just had to share this one...
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Sure does! The first time I got to pat George was when I was in bed! He decided it was safe since I was laying down and covered up.
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Hmmm, let's see. I've been up today since 4:00 am, and it sure wasn't MY idea.

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Yep...sounds exactly like Tiki! Echo & Bud are so laid back & they never bug me while I'm sleeping. But little Tiki thinks that once the sun starts peeking out in the early morning, it's time to get MOM!!
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Nah, I can't relate...
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Mine usually sit on my face when they tell me at 3AM that I can pet them now. Muddy pulled that on me last night!!
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Kahu is wonderful and sleeps all night, but Peedoodle will tap us on the shoulder, demanding to be petted.
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Love it!
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The cat is not that clever in the caption. Now if the cat had said - its 3.10am as per the clock - then I would be megga impressed - however, brandy this morning 4.15!!!!

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funny and true . But I learnt to ignore that
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Sure does look familiar. Sounds almost like Kuce. If she doesn't want to be petted, she wants to play.
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Laughed so hard!!!
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That is one funny pic! All my cats do that, especially Faline! Thanks for sharing!
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That's funny. With my cats, it's more like you will pet me now. It isn't an option.
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I can relate for sure!
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now that's one strip that made me think of boy boy...LOL!!
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omg I wanted laughed so hard at that but I am at work! that is so funny!
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Heck yeah! Many times in the middle of the night I wake up to Peaches jumping on my chest and settling in. And she nudges my hand so I'll pet her. Silly little princess!
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Mine give me an hour or so to get settled, then I usually have Mooshu rubbing her entire body up and down my face while Polly is trying to chew my toes off, Meanwhile Sesame and Squirrel are alternately coming over for kisses and head butts...unless Sesame is in the mood to groom then he waits until I'm good and asleep and I wake up to hair pulling,all while my bf sleeps peacefully
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Lorie, that was just hilarious!!! Thanks for the laugh!!!!!
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ROTFL!!! Spot wakes me up every single morning around 3:30 a.m. THEN, when I get up, he throws himself on the rug and looks at me like, "Good, you're awake" -- He doesn't want a darn thing either - (Little @#$%)

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Yep, that's our crew! They'll either drop into my hand, or step on the bladder!
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I was up this morning at 5:20 but it wasn't a request for petting. I was feeling my covers being scratched. When I realized what it was, I felt the unmistakable warmth of pee eeewwwwwww
I tried to go to bed in the other bedroom but that didn't work so I got up and cleaned the bed clothes.
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OMG that is so cute, yes i know that feeling
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