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What Happens Near the End of "The Godfather"?

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I was just watching The Godfather for the very first time on TV, but it cut out near the very end before the final closing minutes and I can't find any detailed summaries or storylines on the web that can give me any clue. Can you tell me what happens?

After Pacino suspects that Tessio (Abe Vigoda) is a traitor, we see cut scenes of mob guys getting killed. Intertwined are smaller cuts of Pacino vowing that he denounces satan and all his evil ways during his baby's baptism. Soon after that, Tessio is walking outside towards some cars before he goes to a meeting (with Barzini?) and someone tells him he has to go in separate cars. This is where the TV cut out.

Five to ten minutes later, the TV signal comes in again and I get to see the final scene where the unstable Connie character is all upset about the newspaper articles and Diane Keaton asks Pacino whether it is true or not. What happens inbetween these parts?

Anyway, it was amazing how long it took me to recognize the actors (except for Brando) in this movie, as they were very young when they did this. First I recognized James Caan, Robert Duvall and Diane Keaton with Pacino being the last I actually recognized. It's weird, but the way he looks in the movie reminds me of Henry Winkler.
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OMG, that would drive me crazy to sit through that movie and miss the end!

To anyone else who may be reading: SPOILER ALERT!! - Don't read any farther if you don't want to know what happens at the end of the Godfather!!

OK, I went and watched the end of my DVD to make sure I remembered correctly, so here goes...I jotted down some quotes, may not be exact but they should be close.

After the funeral, Michael tells Carlo (Connie's husband) that he can't go on vacation to Vegas as planned, but to go home and Michael will talk to him there.

Tessio is walking out with Tom Hagen when he is told that he must go in a separate car. We know from the looks and body language that Tessio realizes he has been found out as a traitor. He says to Tom, "Tell Mike it was only business - I always liked him." He also asks Tom, "Can you get me off the hook, for old times sake?" Tom just says "Can't do it, Sally." Tessio goes off in the second car, it isn't shown but we (and he) know that he is going off to his death.

Michael walks into Carlo and Connie's house and says "You have to answer for Santino, Carlo." Carlo makes as if he doesn't know what Michael's talking about, then Michael says, "Ah, that little farce you played with my sister - did you think it would fool a Corleone?" He is accusing Carlo of setting up Sonny to be murdered.

He then tells Carlo that Bazini's dead, as are the other heads of the five families (that's who was getting killed during the baptism). Michael tells Carlo that he settles all family business today, so Carlo needs to admit what he did. He says, 'Don't be afraid, Carlo - do you think I would make my sister a widow? I'm godfather to your baby." He says that Carlo is out of the family business forever, that's his punishment. But he wants to know who approached Carlo to set up Sonny - was it Bazini or Tatalia?

Carlo finally admits it was Bazini. Michael tells Carlo there is a car outside waiting to take him to the airport and he will tell Connie what flight Carlo is on. One of Michael's men opens the front passenger door for Carlo; he gets in, and we see Clemenza sitting in the back (I'm pretty sure it was Clemenza). Clemenza kills Carlo using a garrotte while Michael watches.

The next scene is the scene where Connie bursts into Michael's office and accuses him of killing her husband in front of Kay. I believe the newspaper clippings to which she refers are the clippings of the deaths of the heads of the other five houses.

And I think you saw the rest...

Now I'm going to have to go watch that movie, I haven't for some time. Did you like it?
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Suzy, thanks so much for filling the details in for me!!! I could have just rented the movie another time, but I rarely ever watch a movie twice. Those few minutes were very important, as I hated Carlo and it drove me nuts thinking that nobody would ever do anything about him. I also didn't get to see enough of the final scene with Tessio, so thanks for that too. Now I know why Connie was so upset as well. I enjoyed the movie all around and it was interesting to see the subtle changes in Michael's character towards the end of the story and take over as the next Don. In the final scene I was really surprised to see him lie to his wife, ending all her worries with a simple "No."
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