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Signs my cat is going into labor?

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So my cat is 60 days pregnant today. I brought her inside two hours ago and she just started meowing a lot for the past 15 minutes. When she see's me, she rolls on her stomach and she wants me to touch her. She's licking herself a lot too. Are these signs that she's going into labor? My cat is half indoors and half outdoors and I know she wants to go outside, but I don't want her to have her kittens somewhere else so i'm keeping her in here. 

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You are smart to bring her indoors now and keep her there through the time she weans her kittens and is spayed. All cats are different in the signs they exhibit prior to labor, but excessive licking and affection are some signs they can show. If she's not there yet it sounds like she's getting close.  Make sure you make her a nesting box and put her food, water, and litterbox near it.  You can read more on labor and delivery here:


Good luck and Welcome to TCS! 

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She will get pregnant again if you let her out before she is neutered.  She can get pregnant as eary as 2-3 weeks after delivery, especially if she has a small litter. 


The other potential problems with letting her out is that she could pick up an infection and bring it back to her kittens, or she could have an accident leaving you to handrear them.

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Well she didn't have them. She stopped meowing a couple minutes after and she fell asleep pretty quick. I'm not home right now but she's still in my room. Hopefully they'll be out already by the time I get home. I hate waiting :o
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Labor vibes your way hunny lol I'm in waiting to! So hard!!!
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I'm home but she's really quite now, just laying down and sleeping :/
Thanks biggrin.gif this wait is taking forever
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