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It has been quite some time since I shopped at the pet supply that I have had problems with. Today I was there with my rescue group and decided to try them again. I picked up my supplies and when I checked out the total was almost $200.00. I then asked to use my current coupons. There were about 3 to 4 dollars worth of coupons that I had. Well to make a long story short the manager was rude and loud. They would not let me use the coupons.They were really very impolite about it. I loaded up my car with the supplies and went back to sit with our adoption group. But the more I thought about how the management acted and spoke the madder I got. Just because we are with a rescue group does not give them the right to treat us like second class citizens.

Silly me! No one is forcing me to shop at their store. I went back to my car and took everything back out and into the store and asked to return it all and get my money back. I admit it was not the nicest thing to do and I felt guilty that some stock clerk would have to put everything back on the shelves. But I am still a customer and should be treated politely.

When I got home I emailed the stores web site and also called their customer service line. If they can be rude and impolite in this economy and afford to lose customers that is their option. My option is to shop at a store with good customer service.

Sorry this is so long. I have shopped at this store for more than 8 years and until they had a management change it was a nice place to do business in.
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That really stinks! It seems that they would treat rescue groups well because more pet owners = more sales for a pet supply place. I wonder about some people.
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Good for you, I am glad you did that.... they deserve it.
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Good for you. No merchant has the right to treat his customers that way. I hope you tell everybody who'll give an ear about it. Word of mouth is the best advertising -- in this case, it should be used to ensure that people DON'T patronize this shop. See how well he likes that!
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good. its too bad that you had been shopping that place for so long and just because of management change, it forces you to go somewhere else. That was a lot of stuff to bring back and maybe next time they will think twice (or maybe it was just that manager?) about treating customers that way.

Let us know if you get a response from customer service.
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Love it when management acts like they are doing you a favor to accept your business. I applaud you returning everything you bought. Instead of taking 3 bucks off the bill (which he gets back from the manufacturer anyway), he lost the entire sale. Idiot.
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Kudos to you for not taking that attitude from the manager!

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I am glad you return all of it and also complaint about that . What ever personal problem that person may have , he/she should not let that out on costomer . That was rude and I sure would have been p*** off myself .
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That's amazing...$200 worth of "goods" and he treats you badly ! Great that you had the courage to take it all back - just brillant. Good for you.
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Big thumbs up to you 8cats!!!!! Not only did you return the purchase, but you wrote the company a letter and complained!!! Companies recognize when a customer takes the time to write a letter like this, and you will be surprised how they can respond.....firing the bad manager, trying to make it up to you.....

I've been known to do that when I get bad service (I used to be a service supervisor at a large department store), and have actually received a lot of stuff when I complain. The best example of this was when I made a complaint on how my bedroom carpet was installed. Bought it from a furniture store, they totally screwed up the installation (seamed it wrong so the pattern's didn't match) and to pacify me, they reinstalled brand new carpet, left the old carpet for me to dispose of (I hired someone else and had it put in another bedroom), and gave me a $500 gift certificate, which I use to buy a secretary's desk.

Complaining not only helps you vent, but can have rewards in return!!
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