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Water bowl fun...

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Jarama has a new favorite activity. Waiting until I fill the water bowls for the boys up, going over to their eating area, and splashing his front arms in the water fiercly, knocking water as high as about 3 or 4 feet up onto the mirror over the sink (food/water is on the bathroom counter).

ANY clues here ?

Bowls are always kept clean, washed every 2 days or so, refilled constantly. Any floating stuff gets dumped, and the bowl gets refilled with new water.
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my cat mickey does exactly the same thing! the water bowel i give my kitties look like a water machine you would find in the office and he will bat all the water out to hear it gurgle, its so annoying! cuz the water bowel should last a week and he makes it last 2 days! but recently hes stopped doing it ..i think hes bored of it now..hehe

did your kitty always do that? or just something he just started to do? mickey only started doing it when i got the new bowel. some cats just LOVE water, my friends cat was like that. used to climb into the laundry sink if the tap was dripping!
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When Georgia was little, she would do that. I cannot imagine why, because she hates water. I thought it was just one of the many things she did to make me crazy.
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My cat Asparagus did this for his entire life (17 years). He wouldn't drink without first splashing the water and knocking half of it out of the bowl. I bought one of those circulating water bowls that breaks the surface tension - one of the supposed reasons cats do this - and it helped a litte. But then he would just prefer to drink out of the dog's bowl in the dog's crate - and splash that water out (and generally soak the dog's bed!). Asparagus is gone now and I miss the wet floor around the bowl...
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One of our three cats does the same thing. He likes to see the water move around. He does this more when the water isn't filled to the brim. He also knocks over the water bowls to punish us when we leave him.
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We have one kitty that refuses to leave a glass full. If you leave any cup like container on the table she will tip it over. I can't even place a vase of flowers on the table. Counters and other surfaces are ignored. Silly kitty!
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