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Hi--I'm new and I need advice!!!

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Hi, I'm new here and I have an urgent problem. I have a 10 year old neutered male cat named Morgan. He basically has had the run of the house and he and I are very close, since I am single. He is actually very timid when it comes to other animals, especially cats. He is very social and likes people and will tolerate the dogs in the neighborhood. I've even had dogs in the house and he's been okay--a little hissing and some swatting but mostly they play and he gets up on something out of the dog's reach and all is fine.
Now for the dilemma. I got a call from my vet last week about a cat that I know that was living at a friend's car dealership for the past 10 years. I would take the cat--Lucky-- to the vet for them. Apparently they have been ignoring the cat and are letting him roam the parking lot of the shopping center they are located in. People have picked him up and brought him to my vet (his rabies tag has the vet name on it).
This cat is 15 years old, deaf and very thin, since they quit feeding him.
(As an aside please let me say how disgusted I am with these people and when I get a hold of them they will regret what they did to this poor animal )

He was checked out by the vet and he's not "ill" per se--he's old.
I didn't know what to do so I brought him home. I've isolated him and am trying to introduce him to Morgan.
There is hissing and growling going on and Morgan hiding. But the problem is Lucky (deaf cat) is chasing and trying to attack Morgan. He is more aggressive than I thought he'd be.
He's fine with me, but I don't know if they will get used to each other, especially with the hearing problem.
I know this is long, but I really need some advice.
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Are both cats fixed? One week is too short a time for introducing cats. They will each need to have their own litter box, food dishes, and areas in the house. Put a drop of vanilla on the rump and chins of each of the cats. Get a Feliway plug in to clam them. Rub them each with a towel going back and forth between them to distribute their scent onto each of them. After there is no more hissing at the door you can allow them to trade rooms to get used to each others scent even more.

The older cat is thin and weak so has to "bluster" his way to stay alive and get the food he needs. Give him love food and attention. If he isn't fixed get that done as soon as possible.

Good luck
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They are both neutered. It's only been a few days, so I am really expecting too much. I will try the vanilla. I feel bad isolating Lucky, but I realize it's best for him. I let him out when I have Morgan outside or in another part of the house. I let them see each other but never unsupervised.
Lucky has the litter box in the shower in my other bathroom, food and water and a nice purr pad in the room. He doesn't like the purr pad--it was Morgan's and I thought the scent thing would help. It hasn't yet.
Where can I order the Feliway air freshener?

Thanks again.

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This is the cheapest place I have seen the Feliway plug in for sale. http://www.petguys.com/-039079027910.html

If you go to Petco or Petsmart, it can be up to $10 more! I have 16 cats and I can attest that this stuff works wonders!!!
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Your babies are beautiful!!!

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By the way, I should say thank you for being such an and giving Lucky a home. Hope all goes well and that he and Morgan are soon getting along well!
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Welcome to this cat site .
That was really nice of you taking that poor cat at home and give him a chance for a fuller life .Good luck on intro. with both cats .
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I moved you to behaviour- but I agree, it is to soon for the two of them to get along-

Here is an article about IntroductionsIntroducing
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I don't have any additional advice, but would like to say welcome, and I'm so glad you are giving Lucky a home also!

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Thanks everyone,
I tried the vanilla last night and Morgan at least sat by the closed door where Lucky was for a while. Lucky went outside w/me and went after the neighbors cat in her garage. Nothing major happened, but he is definitley on the defense. I'm going to get a Feliway today and see what happens. Lucky is eating and using the Litter box and is quiet at night. Morgan seems to be okay in the house when Lucky isn't around.
Thanks again for the advice. I hope I can return the favors someday.

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Welcome to TCS. I have no additional advice to offer on introductions, but will add that I introduced 2 older cats to each other once many years ago. They never did bond with each other as I would have liked them to (sleep together, groom each other, and become companions to each other), but they did learn to share their space with each other in the household. It did take some time (months) before the nasty hissing stopped, but they did adjust.

You are doing a wonderful thing for Lucky and just keep reminding yourself to be patient with them. They both had many years without each other and it will be slightly more difficult for their adjustment than young cats or kittens. Hang in there - it can be done!!!
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Thanks for the encouragement. Most of the posts or articles I've read deal with young cats or kittens--not two old men!!!
They seem to be a little better everyday--I can let them out and they seem to avoid each other for the most part. I've kept them separated as much as possible, but let them see each other now and then.

I don't think they ever will be good friends, but as long as they can be alone without killing each other I'll be happy.

Thanks again for the support. This has been a wonderful site so far and it's nice to know so many people care about cats like I do.

Have a good day.
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Good luck with those two. Be sure to let us know how you "scold" those people for their lack of concern for Lucky.

I adopted Clyde two months ago, and wouldn't give him up for anything. I feel a little outclassed here, as I am a single male aged 50, but have always had a love of cats. I like their independence.

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A cat pen outside (used during nice weather & not 24hrs) might be a solution.
When we got Snowball my husband built a pen. It's quite large 14longx4widex6high. Yours doesn't have to be that large, but, if you put ramps and platforms at various heights your cat should love it!
He gets to go outside sometimes and is still protected from other animals.
Another thing that might help is to make inside you home interesting to cats. Even at 10yrs old he probably likes to explore. An old cardboard box with holes cut in the sides & top where he can exit & enter gives him something to explore and sometimes a safe little haven to have a "catnap".
Good luck & don't give up!

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Sorry for my first reply about a cat pen. I was reading a different thread earlier and went back to reply. I think that my brain has shut off after working a 12 hour shift.
As for two adult cats it can be done.
Patience & lots of love will help pave the way.
Like my two cats they may never get to the point of cuddling with each other but chances are they will pick their own private spots and learn to tolerate each other.

Good Luck!!

Sea Krait
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I thought it was going much better the past few days, but they got into a scuffle today when I wasn't looking!! The fur was flying!!
I guess I'm going to have to be more careful. I did put Morgan (10yo)
outside on his leash today for a bit and let Lucky roam around the house. I go back to work tomorrow (been on vacation) so Lucky will have to stay in his "apartment" for the day.
I hope all will work out--I do think Lucky needs a house w/o other animals w/an older person. He can snuggle, sleep and eat--that's all he wants. I'll see what happens.

Thanks for the good thoughts.
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