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Is it dangerous for a cat to eat dog food?

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My Bengal kitten is more smitten with the dogs dry food than his own. I try to stop him from eating the dogs dry food, but every time I turn around he's munching on dog food. It's Eukanuba, so I know it's a pretty good brand of food, but so is the dry food I feed the cats, which is called Natural balance. When I bought the kitten, they told me, that wanted him to continue to eat the Natural Balance, so I bought a bag of it, which was really a lot more than Eukanuba brand. To be honest, Simba has very little interest in the cat's dry cat food, and only wants to eat the dogs. Now Simba does get his cat nurishment too, because I give each cat a can of wet food a day as well, which of course he loves, but I worry that maybe the dog food may have something in it that is not good for a cat.
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The dog food won't cause any harm to your kitty, it just isn't as nutritious as cat food. Do the dogs like the kitten food?
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Thanks, that good to know it won't hurt him. Yes, the dog would love to get at the cats food, if he could.
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If you really want to keep the food seperate, I would feed the dogs in a room that you can close off from the kitten. Put down the dog food and then pick it up in 15 to 20 minutes. This way it isn't available for the kitten to get into and it will have no choise but to eat it's own food.
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Good idea. Problem is, my dog is one of those nibblers - he won't eat at once. He's more like a cat, that way. He only eats a few bites, walks away, comes back for a few more bites later on, walks away. He'll never eat, when I set his dish down. The dog seems to need a constant supply of dry food, just like cats do, and he likes to eat at his leisure. I don't know if that means he's spoiled, but I don't think he can afford to go hungry trying to retrain him. He's just a little Pomeranian, and he's doesn't seem to have all that much meat on him. He is the pickiest little dog, I've ever known.
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The main thing you have to worry about when a cat prefers dog food is a taurine deficiency, but if the kitten is also eating canned cat food, that shouldn't be a problem. It obviously would be easier to prevent a dog from eating the cat's food, e.g. by feeding the cat on top of the fridge. Is there any way you could put a pet flap in a door(one of those ones where the animal has to have a "key" on its collar to get through), and feed the dog in that room?
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As the dog food doesn't really contain enough protein for cats, have you thought about trying the Eukanuba cat food for Simba? Maybe she would prefer it. There's kitten food with chicken and liver. Our cat likes the lamb & liver, but that's for adult cats only.
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