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It's Official

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I now have racked up 1000 posts and can be officially declared as queen of having no life whatsoever.

I want to thank each and every one of you who put up with my inane drivel here on this site. My typing skills have advanced appreciably, and I am a better person for it.

Please, no blobs, just remember me in your own quiet sort of way.
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No blobs????

Please!!!! Just a little one?

Congratulations! The forums would not be the same without you!
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Deb25; CONGRATULATIONS (it is NOT a Blob. . . . consider it an early Christmas Decoration for the new house) "Deck the Halls, yadda, yadda, yadda. . . "

Can you come over and help me put twinkle lights on the "Wonder Bed" for the holidays?????

TLK *-*-*-*_V_*-*-*-*-*
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Deb25, you are hilarous & your posts always make me laugh (can't stop massaging your ego now!)

thanks for all the interesting conversation, and I have a storm door with your name on it!

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I couldn't agree more with everyone...your typing skills have developed appreciatively! J/K...hey there girl...okay no blobs, but I have to send you some love.... and since your such a pisser, well, Anne hasn't designed one of those yet.. and of course since you've managed to win the booby prize, that will happen in September when we tackle those cabinets... :laughing: Have a great day 'O Posting Queen' aka Super Cat!!!
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Congratulations on becoming a Millennium Cat! And what's all this about no blobs?

Okay, then, "no blobs" it shall be.

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Congratulations Deb25 and welcome to the official "Women with No Lives Who Have Nothing Better To Do Than Improve Their Typing Skills by Staying on Line for Hours In a Crazy Catsite" Club. In Connecticut, my best friend and I have started a similar club. It's called the "Dateless, Desperate and Over 40 Club". I'm President/CEO and Susie is Vice President/Treasurer.

I promise no blobs.

Tomorrow I'll go to church, light a candle and say a wild Hale Mary for ya!! Oops, I forgot...nix the candle. The last time I lit a candle for someone, they dropped dead. Will a Novena cover it??


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I am not very good with blobs anyway. But wanted to say it's been a very enjoyable experience reading all 1000 posts!!!!
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Mr. Cat:

Any effort to scour the internet for another unique image in my honor is humbly accepted.


Log me in as a long distance member!
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Congrats Deb. Treat your babies extra good today!!!!
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WOOHOO Deb you 1000 post adult cat.....



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Gee Mr. Cat, thanks for unearthing this post of mine from the depths of page 3 or 4. This is about the only time I've ever been patted on the back for having a big mouth.
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Now, DEB25, you know that is not true. . . All teachers LOVE to talk or type or whatever it takes to get the words out there. . . . :laughing2:.
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CONGRADS!!!!!!!!!!!!! CONGRADS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm so glad you have stuck around so long & I'm really looking forward to another 1000 posts!!!!!!!!!!!

love you!
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Can't guess how long it would take me to get that many posts.
Heck! My husband doesn't get any dinner now.
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You're our first long-distance member. Congratulations!!!!

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Look Deb25 - you're gonna get some blobs and you're gonna like it!!!
(You just can't celebrate without 'em!!)

:blubturq: :rainbow: :blubturq:

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::angel2: thank you everybody. I appreciate your imput. Clarise says thank you too
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