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my aunties kitty is breedless.

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So in September of 2012 I gave a homeless man 5 bucks in exchange of his six month old cat that he could not feed for 9 days prior. He said it was a purebreed Bengal but my aunt who is now gone use to breed them and i can tell you that he is not full Bengal . 

here's some of his traits

.he lays just like a tiger with his front feet spread all the way forward but arching his back

.he suckles every chance he gets even though hes very independent 

.he is ALWAYS hungry. 

.he has the M on his forehead but he has Bengal stripes ill try and upload a picture soon.


but pleasee help

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It's likely he's a domestic shorthair tabby. I'm not really sure where a homeless guy would get a purebred Bengal--they aren't cheap, and no decent breeder would sell to someone in an unstable home situation. It's too bad your aunt used to breed him frown.gif. I hope he's neutered now.

The things you mention aren't breed traits. Most cats lie like a tiger at least sometimes (they are just tiny tigers at heart!). Suckling probably means he was taken from his mama too young, poor guy. Being hungry, well if you had a time in your life when you didn't eat for 9 days, I bet you'd want to eat all the time, too! And all tabbies have the M on their foreheads.

But some pics of the handsome boy would be nice! biggrin.gif
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Thanks and i have no pictures of him . but would you mined if i got identical looking cats then telling you the differnt parts about him?and he has the tail  of an African wildcat. hes just not a normal looking cat. and my aunt that has this little boy has never  breed any animal taboo is now neutered its my aunt that use to have a Bengal Bussiness. but i have pictures of cats that look just like him loaded?

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Photos of the cat in question, please, and I'm sure he is like over 90% of cats - of no particular breed.  But we can tell you which particular tabby pattern he is, and generally ooh and ahh over him.

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LOL.  i will and pics of my kitten

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Usually Bengals are spotted/rosetted or marble, not striped -- if you mean mackerel tabby stripes ( vertical stripes on the side) . Probably the homeless guy just made up the Bengal story thinking it would get you to buy the kitten. Luckily for the kitten, even though you knew he wasn't a purebred Bengal you bought him anyway . I'm so glad he is in a good home now.


It really would make more sense if you could post photos of the actual kitten if you can take some. All our domestic cats are descended from the African Wildcat. and some cats with a mackerel tabby pattern do look quite a bit like their wild ancestors. I'm looking forward to seeing him!  

Hey is that you and this kitten in the avatar photo? Whoever it is that is a cute photo.

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