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Hey After The Recipe Book How About....

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A Christmas Card Exchange?? I know its early but i'll put it together if you want. Whadda think?
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That's awful nice of you to volunteer, but last year someone already has grabbed that up to volunteer for as well as Secret Santa-
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Ok np Secret Santa meaning card exchange or..
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It's two things actually- we do a christmas card exchange as well as a secret santa gift exchange and both have been already parceled out
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oh ok i see lol
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Hey, I was just thinking about it yesterday, what fun it would be to do some Christmasy, like Christmas cards or Secret Santa. I thought I might be to early to mention this, but mayby not, since Christmas is getting closer, and it´s good to start organizing early...

So if whoever is doing this needs any help, count me in.
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Ok, not meaning offense to anyone here but I am not participating this year. I was the organizer last year, and we had big problems. People didn't send out their stuff, or mailed late, and there were a lot of hurt feelings.

Whoever does take on this challenge, please PM me and I'll give you some tips to hopefully make yours smoother than mine was!
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As someone who organized it the first year of it's existence I have to agree with Dtolle. It was good in theory but the application was pretty rocky and a lot of people got their feelings crushed in the long run.
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Just a thought...why not the people who are in the penpals do it? I mean, we all send a letter/package anyways, just put a christmas-y thing in and your set?? And this way you kind of know the person too, instead of just picking someone out of a hat kind of thing. Just an idea.
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i agree with 22angel, we could do that..as for those who are not in the penpals but yet wish to participate, they could just join in the fun... i guess as long as we ware comfortable with giving out our address, i dun see why not... in fact, i've been shopping for christmas present for my penpal already!!!
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