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Good vibes for a speedy recovery...

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Hi, everyone;

I have had a rough day or so - my 11 year old stepson was hit by a car while riding his bike on Friday. I am grateful beyond words that his injuries are not life-threatening, mostly bumps and scrapes and general overall soreness, but it is terrifying to think what might have happened.

The worst injury is to one of his ankles - it doesn't appear to have a major fracture; the ER doc set it in a splint until he can get in to see an orthopedic surgeon, who will determine if he is going to need surgery. We won't know that until sometime next week. I would appreciate any prayers and good vibes that anyone is willing to send for a speedy recovery!

Thanks so much,
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speedy get well vibes coming from Sherral And Pastor Ted!
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OMG , how awfull . I would have freaked out if that would be my son . You know I will be praying for him . Bless your heart , what a shock it must have been for you . (((( HUGS ))))
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oh geeez, thats awful,,, sending (((((get well vibes)))))) his way
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I'm sorry to hear about your step son and so glad he's not hurt worse then he was. Lots of good vibes coming from this way!
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Oh my gosh! I'm so glad his injuries aren't critical, but I'm sure it was terribly frightening. I hope his bumps and bruises heal soon!
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Sending healing vibes to stepson.

Thank goodness, it was not worse.
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Positive healing vibes are on the way!
Your stepson was very lucky!
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How frightening that must have been!

Car/bike accidents are all too common. I hope he was wearing a helmet! I know so many people that have been hit by cars while riding bikes. . . . my ex, my sister, a neighbor, and a classmate who was not so fortunate. . . . died from head injuries.

Thoughts & prayers for a quick recovery & happy ending with the ankle.

His age is in his favor! He'll heal quickly. . .
My own so broke both of his wrists snowboarding and healed very well. He was about the same age at the time.

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oh dear..i hope he has a speedy recovery..sending get well vibes over... do keep us updated susan...
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Prayers going up for your stepson!!! Please keep us posted on how he is doing!!!! I pray he makes a speedy recovery and is better in no time! I'm so glad he wasn't hurt worse!!
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I will let everyone know when I have an update. His mother was going to try to get him in to the orthoped as early as possible, but it might take a few days. He is not having much pain, so I am glad for that.
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Super speedy get well vibes coming your way from GA.
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Healing thoughts on the way - poor little guy!
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Lots of prayers and good thoughts on their way from NZ!
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Thanks for the vibes, everyone - no surgery! Apparently the growth plate on the bone is cracked, so the ortho doc set the ankle in a permanent cast, but it should heal fine now on its own and shouldn't cause any long-term problems!

Thanks again for the kind words and good thoughts...

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