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Question on Colour

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I said in one of my other threads that I am keeping my friends Female whilst she is away on holiday. She had her kittens...any idea what colour this is? Mother is Black, father is a Seal Point.
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They are Black Smoke kittens! Here's a picture of what smokies can grow into!

The kittens are so adorable!
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Crazy-Cat-Lover. that cat is just breathtakingly beautiful.
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Leviugga- We actually do need to know a bit more about the Sire & Dam's Parents Colors. A black is a black is a black and can NOT produce smoke... and seal points will produce pointed's most likely... they could just be uneven blacks.. I'm not sure. What breed of cat are they and is your friend certain the father was a seal point.

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Smoke is the "solid" form of silver (genetically, the cat will breed like a solid colored cat). Silver being dominant, one parent would have to be either smoke or silver to produce smoke kittens. It can't be carried. Could the mother be a black smoke that isn't showing a lot of silver in her undercoat?

If anyone disagrees with this, please post - I'm always ready to learn more about genetics
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I knew I was right Cathy LOL You just have better wording than me!
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Wow, Tasha, that is one incredibly beautiful cat! What breed is it? Those ears are amazing!
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lol I am now more confused than I was .. I have the mother here she appears to be black to me but with some silver on her bum and back. Not alot, the father was a Colour Point the same one I used on Bramble.

My friend is in France and I can't ask her about his background. Strange coloured kittens they are..they were a week old on Sunday and eyes are starting to open. I have already picked the one I want lol... does everyone do this when kittens are around? I just can't help myself.

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Originally posted by Mom of 10 Cats
Wow, Tasha, that is one incredibly beautiful cat! What breed is it? Those ears are amazing!
It's a Maine Coon! Isn't he beautiful?!
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