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My cute little guys.

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I was sitting here watching my son crawl down the hallway getting ready to get up and grab him when Simon streaked by, circled Charlie(my son), hid behind the laundry basket then jumped a foot straight up. Hmm I'm thinking what is this? Well, Charlie is now cackling like crazy and is going to find kitty. I'm getting ready to break things up because Charlie is a little too rough, I ended up standing there laughing my head off at these two. I swear they played peek-a-boo! Charlie would circle around spot Simon start giggling and then back off go the other way around and do the same thing all over. Now I know Simon was enjoying this because whenever Charlie would start to wander off discouraged because he couldn't find him Simon would either jump straight up again or dart out do a shadowboxing dance then duck back into hiding! I know they were at it for 15 minutes at least. I had to break things up when Charlie made his way into my bedroom(forbidden territory) looking for Simon and Simon followed darting into his litterbox once Charlie had seen him and giggled...Charlie has no qualms about going right into the litterboxes.
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Oh, that had to be a hoot to watch! LOL
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What a riot!!
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