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oh how easily I fooled her!

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With all the talk of hurricane Isabel coming our way, (when it hit, it was a simple "disturbance"... you'd hardly know it started out as a hurricane!) I got to worrying how we'd transport 2 adult cats in one carrier, so I decided to do something about it. On my way home from work yesterday, I bought a second carrier, of the same model and almost the same colour as the first one. The opportunity was too good to pass up! When I got home, I peeked into the living room and saw my mom on the couch. With the straightest face I could manage, I told her "mom, there was an add at the clinic from a woman who was giving away kittens...(which is how we got our second cat, Elmo)" and I bring in the (empty) carrier. My mom gets this shocked look on her face and says "oh no. Honey, you didn't.. Please tell me you didn't" oh did I get a good laugh out of that one! aren't I a stinker?!?
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you are sooooo bad .
But I may would have done the same thing , to funny .
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that is so funny, good one she sounds like she doesnt want anymore kittys... from the pics. i have seen of Isabel it looks like she put down a ton of water, im sure glad i didnt get all that, we just got a little rain and a nice breeze
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That was indeed bad -- so bad it was good! I would have been tempted to do the same.
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LOL! Good one
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You can't be expected to pass up an opportunity like that, now, can you??

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what can i say of you thh20??? THUMBS UP!
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Oh - that was evil - in the nicest sense of the word. I might have to try that!
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You remind me of my hubby. When we brought home our Riley bought a new soft cat carrier there so we had our empty hard one. While going by our friend working at the pool my hubby "accidentally" tripped dropping the unknowingly to her empty carrier on the ground. I couldn't stop laughing at their faces . And yes Riley was quite safe in his soft carrier trying to figure out what all the excitement was about.
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