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Cats/ Rats

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Do any of you have cats AND a pet rat? I use to have a cat that was cool with a rat, she knew it was a pet and never went after it,as a matter of fact they went for rides on her back. But do most cats adapt if you bring one home, or do they stress out the rat? Please don`t say rats are horrible, I had two that were so freindly and loving and would even purr when you scratch their heads, and they are so much more prone to bite less than any hampster.I have one mellow cat and one that is feisty and bites us, she is the one I would worry about.
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I agree, we have one pet Rat called Poppet and she is very intelligent, clean and friendly. Our cats do not bother her one bit....although I have never trusted them unsupervised ..just incase. They seem absolutly transfixed with her to be honest, just watching her every move but not attempting to hunt or stalk her. Poppet seems to have no fear for them either. MInd my cats are indoor cats and have never hunted so maybe this is why they are so tolerant of Poppet.
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It's surprising sometimes how very tolerant predator/prey animals can be of one another in a totally domestic pet situation. It goes to show that while nature suggests one behaviour, nurture can bring about another.

I've never had rats as pets, but my stepson did when he was young. I understand they can be very sweet pets, and very clean. I can't quite imagine the situation in which I would have rats as pets alongside my cats. It's not by any means an idea I would reject out of hand, though I think with my current crew, who are all hunters and have brought mice and birds home, it might not be such a terrific idea.
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i had a pet gunnia pig when i was a young girl and we would put a laundry basket over her and let her eat clover out in the yard and one day it blew over and our neighbors dog was there and ran over to her and smelled her but didnt bite her, we was telling our vet about it one day and she said that the dog probally could smell our sent on the gunnia pig, and thats why he didnt bite her, so maybe thats the reason your kittys dont bother the rat? you think? a gunnia pig looks like a rat without a tail and i just loved her, we had her for 7 years
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no rats, but cats and mice (but they do NOT play together). LOL
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I have kept Cats & Rats for four years now happily, my cats "talk" to my rats through the cage and they have never hurt my rats

Rats make really good pets and I can't stand it when people say EW and then call them selves animal lovers!!!!!!
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Oh I love rats - I had one named Adonis.

I think rats make wonderful pets and none of my cats paid any interest in them.
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Awwww! Kell. what color?

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can we have some pictures???? pretty pretty pls????
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Sam - Adonis was a champagne coloured rat - VERY pretty, which is why I called him that.
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I did in college..the rat was a Norwegian White. He was quite large.
I once put him in the bathtub with my cat to see what they would do, and the cat jumped out of the bathtub lol. She never bothered him.

(She did however summarily execute 7 small lizards that my roommates had caught somewhere and brought into our apartment. I warned them that they might be at risk, so they put their tank on top of the fridge, thinking that would do it. She bidded her time for a few weeks then she went for them. It had a pretty heavy lid but she dislodged it, and that was that.)
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Oh How Sweet Kellye! I had a champagne hooded well still do but she's loose in the downstairs part of my house!

Kate I'll just find you some pics!

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My baby girl Sally who's a Pink Eyed White scored herself a new cage the other day!

Here she is in the Meer Rat position!

Muffin says hello to sally.

I LOVE rats
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My two rats were black and white, Walter and Sidney. The way I acquired them in the first place is I was with my son at the pet store and he was buying them to feed his snake. He had to go on to work and asked me to take them home. After many hours in their little cardboard box I looked inside, and they were so cute. My son came home from work and I told him they were now mine, and to go get snake food that I would not see. They lived to be 5years old, and both had to be put to sleep, they got cancer tumors. I heard the lifespan is only 4 years, so I guess they lived a good full life....they were so spoiled!
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