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Need some help...

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Yesterday I had this big red bump right on my cheekbone just below my eye. It was very very sore and the area around it was a little swollen. Other than that it gave me no problems at all.

Well when I woke up this morning. My right eye (which is right above this big pink bump) is very very swollen. It looks like I've been hit the eye quite a few times.

I'm wondering what it could be? I can't take any pictures because Craig went up to Oregon and took the camera with him. Any opinions?

I researched a little online and looked for spider bites but couldn't find anything that resembled this.
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My suggestion would be to get to a doctor.
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Ingrowing hair, bite of some kind - would get it checked anyway

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Please have it checked. If a bite of some kind you may need antibiotics.
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How does the bump look like ??? Is there a little hole insite ? Then it could be a spiter bite . Are you have alergie to bite's ? It may be swollen becours it is very cloth to your unter eyes
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I have no idea...but get to a DR. as soon as possible! Keep us posted!!!! I will pray it is nothing serious...which I am sure it isn't.
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A few years ago when my parents were on vacation in California, my dad was bitten on the elbow by a scorpion{sp?) and I think his elbow got swollen and painful. Is it possible one of these has bitten you also?

BTW, I agree that you should see a doctor.
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I'm a survivor of NF (Necrotic Fasciitis) and it has similar symptoms.

This is where the strep bacteria find a vector into your body, and it could be a pinprick, bruise, swollen area, etc.

Have it checked out immediately by a doctor and ask if it could be NF.

If you want to know more, read the symptoms on www.nnff.org.

I pray you don't have it, since if it goes undiagnosed, it can kill you within 2-3 days.

I'm not trying to alarm you, only to warn you.

Clyde's owner
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Oh My..

I researched NF, and a I honestly don't think that I have it. The pain isn't extreme, the swelling has gone down a bit (although it is still slightly swollen), and I don't have any of the headaches, nausea, or any other symptoms that I can think of.

The swollen area and the bump isn't very hot to touch either. I'm gonna keep an eye on it now.. a VERY close eye on it, because that scares me to death!

I would go to the doctor, but I have no medical insurance and can't afford it.
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My guess would be that it is some kind of bite. But you really should have it checked out. Especially so close to your eye where it's making the eye swell a little bit.
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Does it itch? I kind of sounds like a mosquito bite...and you're allergic to it. Plus with West Niles running wild again, it's best you get it checked out!
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