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Just so everyone knows...

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I am no longer Moderating.

I decided that with my current situation at home; having no computer and all
and not knowing when that will change around, it would be best to stop Moderating altogether.

it doesnt make much of a difference anyway, i'll still be here when
i can be i'm just not so sure i have the energy & time and effort
in me to keep up with Moderating, like i did before.
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It will be one less stress for you to worry about in your life & we will still see you around as much as you are able to be here, so it's not like we are losing you.

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Noted the lack of your name as Mod when I logged on today.

Be honest, yo just wanted to go back to Super Cat status because we make all the cool posts.

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Blue; If this helps eliminte some of the stress you are feeling right now, the it is the best decision. Like AP said; it's not like you won't b around as much as you can be. . . . Right?

I hope things "lighten up" for you. (emotionally and financially. . . .)

Is it still okay if I PM you?
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you caught me, Deb
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Dear Blue

I too noticed your name was missing this morning when I signed on. I kinda got worried about you! But, I'm very happy to see that this will be so much stress off of you and you'll feel such a load off your mind without the responsiblity for now. Things will get brighter sunshine!:daisy::daisy:

Love &,
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You can't get nothing by me, Blue!
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I have already said this to blue in private, but I want to say it again here:

Thank you for being such a great moderator and for putting so much time and effort into it! I know you'll keep giving us so much and I share the hopes that things will get better for you soon!

Thank you!
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