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New grey foster kitten

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I went down to the Animal Control office yesterday to get my dog's license renewed. There was a lady in line in front of me with this adorable little guy - she said her landlord is making her get rid of him, she can't find anyone to take him, and the lady who gave him to her won't take him back. She was there to turn him in. She said he's about 8 weeks old. I don't think she knew that they automatically euthanize kittens this young - they're too much at risk of disease. So, of course, he's at my house now. I'm hoping it won't be too hard to place him - in the meantime hubby is having fun playing with our new digital camera:

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Isn't he a cutie?

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He's absolutely Adorable

That's great of you to save him from certain doom.
Hope you find a great home for him
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I want kitty o.O
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Kittens (weaned ones, at least) are a LOT easier to foster than puppies. He even knows how to use his little litter box! I love it that cats are so naturally clean.

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oh boy oh boy he is so cute . I cant believe that they would put kittens down
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Our dog is trying to keep her feet out of the kitten's reach - he'll attack her foot, and she'll just sigh and pull it away. She's just fascinated by him, though, so she won't leave the room.

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OMG Tess he is adorable!! That little face is so precious.
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what a cutie!!!!!!!!!!
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Loooook into my eyes.......

OMG I'm having so much fun with this little guy! Haven't had a kitten around for many years now...he's so cute... and so tiny! : The other cats are NOT happy about this. They're giving me "the look".
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he is soo cute!! Kittens are so much fun!
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He sure is fun

Uh-oh, he's disappeared. I'm not used to having a cat that doesn't respond when it's called. Time to go kitty hunting. He's so funny - he'll run around like he's jet propelled one moment, and then just kind of fall over, sound asleep.

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Aww.... What a cutie little kitty is.
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OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO...he's tooooooo beautiful! I want to eat him up! (you might have some objection to that, though, so I guess I won't)
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He's so cute! I want him!!

(wish I was closer!)
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what a tiny little cutie, your heart is the right place for saving him, I doubt he will be homeless for long, depnding on how attached you get
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I love grey kitties! Your little foster baby is just precious!
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Tess he is precious!
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He's quite a handful!

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Ya know......tuxedo cats look really good next to grey kitties. This guy is so adorable!! How are you ever going to part with him???? And by the way, my older guys always give me "the look" when I bring in young-uns....but they always get over it....usually when the kitten jumps on their head and starts playing with them.

So.....you still have the sign I left you about "cats come here"? My yard sign says "good eats, stay a while".
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Come on, you have to name him - he just can't be he adorable, sweet, precious grey fluffernutter .... otherwise he'll go through an idendity crisis
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I really really really wish I could have that kitten. It's heartbreaking how cute he is.
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He is Adorable! The cutest little face and so lucky you were there too!!
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So adorable. I would take him in a heart beat, but I don't think my Emmett would like that too much. He is a loner kitten
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He is sooo cute, I don't think you should have a hard time finding him home. If I lived closer to you I would pick him up in a flash.
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Awww Look at that face . What a cutie!
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I just love your dog with him - patient and generous hearted...just like you !
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Thanks! He is absolutely adorable.

I think we found a home for him. I don't know whether to feel or ...we've become pretty attached. It's good b/c it's the sister of a friend, so we'll be able to keep in contact. We're going to miss him, though.

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