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New Persian mom

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Good morning all! Last week I became the proud owner of a one year old black Persian I named "Spook". I think she was originally owned by a kitty-mill which did not want her anymore because she had one baby (stillborn) in her first attempt at motherhood. The pet shop was giving her away! I have three dogs and was worried about that but they are all getting along famously. She is such a wonderful cat. I have cats in the past when my kids were little but that has been some time ago, so I need this forum to brush up. I live on 3 acres of wooded land with about 2 acres being fenced in with basic chain link fence. Next to my house and adjacent to the fence is an inclosed chicken pen for 35 assorted chickens. My question is this: Can I let Spook out? Will she climb the fence? I live near a rather busy street. I have heard that Persians don't climb like others do. The fence to the chicken pen is 12' high with barbed wire at top. Would she climb that and get into the chicken pen?. Or would she be more content with being an inside only cat? So many wonderful adventures are outside but her safety and that of the chickens as well is most important. Thanks for any advice!
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Welcome to this site and my congrats to your Persian .
If I would be you I would not let her outsite at all . Just alone the danger she can get in to and all the deseas she mat get from other cats . Then think about her coat , this is a coat not for the outsite at all . Is your little darling spayed ? If not I would do that first and you will be having a nice calm female trying to be your little sweetie girl .
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Another "Georgia girl"!! Good advice. Thanks. I forgot to mention in my original post that the dogs have a "doggie door" and they go in and out at will. Will Spook learn to use this? I hope not. Yes, I intend to get her spayed in the next few weeks. I wanted her to feel safe, secure and loved in her new home before she is spayed.Thanks!
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My persians are indoor cats. Even their garden is enclosed to ensure that they do not get out where they can come to harm. I have had the nasty experience of having a cat killed by a dog 20 years ago and my neighbours have rescued cats twice from people intending to steal them from my front garden! So, I want no more narrow escapes and I would rather have them safely inside. Mind you, I live on a busy road in a built-up area. Your situation may be totally different. I think if you have peace of mind that your cat is safe, then whatever the situation is, it will work for you.
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Welcome to the site! And congratulations on being owned by Spook.

I have to agree with Hedi. Spook would be much better off being an inside only cat. Persians really were developed to be a pampered inside pets. And I can only imagine the grooming nightmare you would have on your hands after a while exploring the great outdoors! Perhaps you could work on leash training her to take her out on supervised outdoor adventures, but as a rule Persians don't do well as indoor/outdoor cats.
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You may want to keep a eye on that dog door especiallly if she is not spayed yet . When females get in heat they do everything they can just to find a male to made with . I would not wait any longer and would get her spayed right away . Cats know when somebody is good to them . I had females comming in my house and 2 days later got them spayed and they were all fine with me . I have a cat enclosure where my cats can go out, there is a cat door , they learnd quick how to use it . I hope I did not sound to harsh , I am just worried she may get out that door and you wont find her any more .
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Hello Welcome to the boards! I love the name "Spook" , Now my persians are outside/inside kitties BUT we live on a very quiet road- it would be best to keep Spook inside.

Any pics of her, I love blakkies!!!

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Thanks for your warm welcome and good advice. Spook will be a pampered indoor cat. I can't believe how loving she is! Just a wonderful cat. I will also get her spayed next week. She will feel better,too. Thanks again.
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I would advise that you get a magnetic dog door that will only open if the animal is wearing a special tag. Otherwise, Spook will be out before you know it.

Congratulations on choose a persian I love them! Feel free to visit my web site by clicking the button below and make sure to sign my guest book!
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Hi and welcome, enjoy!!!!
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Welcome to TCS, hope you like it here!
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Hello & welcome to the site! I know that someone has already asked but I'm going to ask again. Do you have any pics of your cats? Please show them!
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I love persians - welcome
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Welcome to thecatsite. I have 5 persians (sort of since I'm getting 2 more on Thursday). I would keep spook inside. Through domestication, persians really have become indoor cats. Plus it would be much easier to care for her coat.
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welcome to TCS!!!
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