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Digital Cameras?

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Hi everyone! Does anyone know of a fairly good digital camera that I can get for a reasonable price? I don't want to spend over $100, and it doesn't have to be anything special- just something that will take good quality pictures so I can show everyone my babies

Thanks so much!
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I know you want the most pixels(I think it's pixels) you can get for your money. The more pixels the better the pictures. My husband won a digital camera at work, I don't have it in front of me as he took it with him on a trip but it's on the low end of the pixel scale and the picture quality is sometimes pretty crummy.
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Hi there - I agree totally with what my colleauge says - you want a camera with the maximum amount of pixels you can afford - mine is in excess of 5 meg - thats expensive and by choice.

May I suggest ebay?

I have just had a look and there are heaps on ebay that are going for under the hundred. Its a case of seeing what there is and being prepared to part with the cash.

If you dont have an ebay account - then I will happily assist you as I get a lot of flying stuff from ebay as well as Carol's cross stitch. I am happy to advise / bid with you or on behalf and let you mail the cash direct to the vendor.

You may need some package for it - best to ask the vendor if they have one.

Always welcome to email me and I will assist as best I can.

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I went to Walmart and bought a Samsung Digimax. It is only 2.0 mega pixels, but I think all of my pictures have come out great, and I'm really picky. You can set it for higher quality, and I've gotten great pictures everytime. I think it cost me around $145.
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Your first question when buying a digital camera should be: What will you be doing with the final pictures? If you only need pictures to trade over the internet, then get a lower pixel count. If you need a camera that will last awhile and will give you good paper based prints, then I would stick in the 3 megapixel range or higher. Most people are satisfied with 3-4 megapixels for a regular use camera. Also I would stick with a brand that is known for their cameras (ie: canon, olympia, etc)

I'm currently using the Soney Cyber-shot 3.2 megapixels. I have many dislikes about it, but it does pretty well for outdoor shots. Indoor shots are not as good (very grainy) and when using the flash, or taking higher resolution pictures, it takes a few seconds to transfer to the memory.

As Kevin mentioned, take some time and go through Ebay. I'm sure you could find a deal to suit your needs.
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Check out this one. It's a Kodak @ $117 and is 2.1 MP

Kodak EasyShare

This one is an Argus and again is 2.1 MP. It is $89.

Argus Digi Cam
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Thanks for the advice! I don't plan on actually printing pictures. That seems like too much effort and I'm too lazy for that kind of project

I'll look into the options you all mentioned. Hopefully I'll be able to show everyone my babies soon. Thanks again!
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In NZ $ my camera was just over $800 it's a Kodak 2.0 Mega Pixels and it's VERY good!

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Mine is an HP photosmart 318 -- 2.3 megapixel resolution. It's easy to use, fits comfortably in the hand, takes good pics, indoors or out. Initially, I took all my pics on the lowest resolution, because I didn't expect to do anything other than email them. I learned that it is well worth taking them on the highest resolution, just in case you decide you want to get a print of some of them (and the prints are excellent), because it's easy to resize smaller with no degradation, but you can't make it bigger without getting into the jaggies.

This camera has 8 Mb internal memory, and a slot for CompactFlash memory card. These are available in a multitude of sizes and I got a 64Mb card, which I have yet to even come close to filling up when taking a whole mess of pics.

Unloading to the computer is a piece of cake, straight from the camera, or you can take the CF card out of the camera and stick it in a card reader, which behaves just like a removeable hard drive.

The camera runs around $300 in Canada (so probably about $200 US), the 64 Mb card was around $70 Cdn (so probably about $40-45 US), the reader $20 Cdn.

Hope you find something that fills the bill -- it's not necessary to spend a lot of money for a basic point and shoot camera. Good Luck -- and we're all looking forward to seeing the results!
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I now have 3 digicams (and about 10,000 cat photos LOL ).
The first was a Kodak, which I think cost abt $200, and it performed very well. One thing about it that was very good was that it had an adequate flash for indoor photos, which some of the more costly ones do not..
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Are there any American camera shops with on line catalogues that ship overseas?
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