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Midnight's vet visit

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Over the past few weeks, I have noticed Midnight has been losing weight. His appetite has been fine, his water consumption normal, his litterbox use normal, etc.

We went to the vet this AM, Midnight crying all the way cause he hates the car...but once there, he made some friends right away with the tech and the vet, headbumping them and making bread on the vet's shoulder. He is such a sweet kitty!

Anyway, the vet said that except for the weight loss, his exam was normal. His kidneys felt fine, his breathing and heart were fine, his temp was normal. Since he is 11 years old now, they drew blood for a geriatric panel, as well as to test for possible hyperthyroidism, renal problems, or diabetes. I will have the results Monday night, keeping my fingers crossed that everything is ok. She said if the tests are all negative, her next suspicion is a parasite or worms. I am less inclined to think this is the problem, since none of the other cats have had similar symptoms, and I find it hard to believe only one cat in a house of 16 would have a parasite...

Please say a little prayer that all is well with Midnight. He is my best friend in all the world, my soul-kitty, my constant companion for the last 11 years. He was six months old, and I was 24, when I adopted him. I don't know what I will do when the day eventually comes that he and I must say goodbye, I only pray with all my heart that day remains far off in the future.
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Ohhhh Sue , I do hope everything is ok with Midnight .
Be sure I will keep Midnight in my daily prayers for health and long life ..... ((((((( HUGS ))))))) for Sue
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Many prayers to Midnight! I'm praying that everything is ok & it's just a fluke type deal!

((((((((HUGS to Midnight&Sue)))))))))))))
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I will keep your sweet midnight in my thoughts, may he have many more years with you,
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aww I hope he is okay!! Poor little guy!
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*Sending good vibes and prayers Midnight's way*.

Poor guy. Hope he gets to feeling better soon.

Please keep us updated.

Take care.
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Sue , how is Midnight doing ? Any news on the bloodwork ? Just worried a little about your sweetie .
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Still waiting for a call back from the vet...I called and she was with another "patient"
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I will be praying for Midnight that the test will be good .
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Sue I hope all goes well with midnight!! You are amazing for being able to spot a problem with one of your cats since you have so many.
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The vet just called! Good news, and puzzling news.

The tests for hyperthyroidism, diabetes and renal problems were all negative!

However, he has a slightly elevated white blood cell count. The vet seemed to think there was a possibility he is fighting off some sort of infection, but is puzzled as to the source. He has no wounds, although he does get nasty feline acne. He has had no vomiting other than the occasional hairball. He hasn't had diarrhea, or changes in urination. He does have some tartar buildup on the back teeth, but she said his gums look very healthy. We're stumped.

She is suggesting a course of antibiotics, and feeding him moist kitten food 2-3 times a day to build his weight back up. In 2 weeks, I'll take him back in for a re-check and bring a stool sample. We shall see...

I am just so relieved it is not something critical. Thank you all for all the good vibes, Midnight and I appreciate them more than words can tell.

Will keep you posted on his progress.
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yeah , that is great mews . I will pray that the next test will be ok
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Glad it was negative on those big 3, and hope the antibiotics do the trick!
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