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Saturday's DT

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It off to work for me.Big wedding today so we are booked full(hotel).All rich people hope the are big tipper's! have a wonderful day,I will be back ,if not to tired!
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Im just hanging out with my sister and my parents... its been a while since I did that! We are all sitting around, admiring our new addition to the family - little Mia (my sister's baby).
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Taking my daughter to shop for eyeglasses. I dread that and then off to Best Buy to look for a digital camcorder. Dread that too! Too many choices. Then back home to clean. Dread that even worse. Got a movie to watch later though. Chicago. Wonder if its good or not? Heard good reviews on it though.
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Bill made breakfast - buckwheat cakes, bacon and sausage. We'll get some laundry done and buy groceries. We'll have quiet Saturday.
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Caught another feral kitten this morning and took him in for tests. Working on TCS cookbook this afternoon. Going to a BBQ party this evening...all you can eat and a Blues Band.
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This morning I ran and played with the horses, the weather is changing and they were frisky and wanted to run, so I opened up one gate to let them into the big field and we just played tag. Then Trav decided he wanted to go over to the apple trees and he gauged the distance and soared over the fence! WOW! What a jumper! I let him have a few of the apples on the ground, then went over and ran him back into the other field. Looks like we are going to have to add another rail to the fence now!

This morning there was a new cat in the yard. He was pouncing on Tazman! By the time I got out there they were screaming as if the devil was throwing a party! This new one has Persian in him! And of course not neutered. I don't know if he is the new neighbor's cat or what. I will walk down the road later to meet the people and see if he belongs to them. If he does, I will give them a spay and neuter certificate and strongly suggest they get his nuts chopped off!
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Nuts chopped off? LOL! MA...for some crazy reason that cracked me up!

My day & the rest of this weekend is work filled. Last night was a killer...too many things happening & my stress level was running super high. I'm hoping today will be a better day...hopefully I'm not just dreaming that it will.

Right now, I'm just relaxing before I've got to go to work. I haven't even showered yet. At this point, it just seems like too much work!

Hope everyone's having a great weekend & that all is well with each of you!
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