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Please Help :(

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Hello everyone .

I have a mixed persian female , 7 months old , adopted her around 3 months ago, previous owner told me she was vaccinated and all but her certificates were lost , I like to be on the safe side so i took her for a check up at the vet, he gave her full courses of vaccination, deworming , she had Ear mites, treated her with Stronghold "selamectin'' . i went back for a check up after two weeks, ears were clear, but she was making these weird sneezing/coughing kind of voices, took her to the vet again , he said she could be allergic to something , and she might be asthmatic, so he gave her Surbatol , i also changed the kind of litter used, she seemed to be better, the sneezing reduced to one-twice a week. she was fine up until last week. the sneezing/coughing is back , very severe, runny nose too, she is losing weight drastically , i can feel her bones!! i took her to the vet immediately and he insists its only allergies. 
I am really getting worried since she seems to be losing weight abnofermally!
her eating habits are the same . she eats fine. i really dont't know what to do  she seems tired all the time !
the sneezing sound is pretty loud and scary , she seems very uncomfortable during it!
oh and the vet excluded the hair ball possibility , he gave her something for that already .
help , im really worried (

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I'm guessing she has some type of upper respiratory illnesses.  Does your vet have access to antiobiotics for cats--that's probably what she needs.

If not, and in the interim, do you have a shower?  If so, you can put in the bathroom (hold him), turn on the shower high and hot, to get some moisture and steam in the room.  Might help his breathing.

And I'd call back your vet, try to get another one too.

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Is it clear or yellow discharge? Are her eyes runny, as well?


When I adopted Sebastian (pictured in my avatar), for the first six months he was always coming down with upper respiratory infections (URI) caused by feline calicivirus and feline herpesvirus (quite common in shelter cats). He would sneeze and have clear discharge and runny eyes. I would have to keep a close watch on him and keep him away from the other cats. I used a gentle sterile saline mist (not spray) made for babies that had no preservatives or additives (just water and salt) for his nose to help him breathe. His one eye started to get goopey and he was squinting, which I've heard is a sign that the eye is starting to get infected from the illness. I took him to the vet and he needed antibiotics for secondary bacterial infections caused by the upper respiratory infection. The "cold" itself had to run it's course, but I have since kept them at bay with daily lysine supplements and a better diet. I also change my home's heating/ac filter often to lessen dirt and dust in the air.


In my experience, feline allergies are primarily targeted at their skin, but there are probably some with environmental allergies that cause sneezing.


I agree with Ritz. Go back to the vet or get a new one. If it is a URI and ignored, things can get much worse.

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She has been takibg antibiotic shots for the past 10 days. Daily. And the vet also gave me an ointment that I appky 3 times a day in her eyes.
It was an URI and her immune system was really weak so she got a secondary bacterial infection.
The sneezing / coughing is down to once a day now. Her health is improving.i tried very smelly wet foid and she seemed to eat more.
But now her eye lid is swollen and infected, the vet says it might be some sort of fungus? And he told me to keep using the ointment for 5 more days then go back for a check up . But i dont see any improvement :/
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I haven't been able to reply sooner than today. How is she doing? Is her eye still getting worse? What is the ointment called that you are putting in her eye?

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The vat stopped her ointment. He's sure its a fungal infection from a ringworm. She's also losing the fur on her ears. This morning I found a patch right next to her mouth that's almost fur-less.
The vet told me this is treatable by giving her a bath every other day using 'ketoconazole' shampoo and keaving it in for 5 mintues.
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Poor little girl.  Here, we recommend people just use a treatment for athlete's foot.  It's available in liquids, sprays, powders, and ointments.  The ointment works best, rubbed in so the cat can't lick it off.  Ringworm is a fungal infection, not worms, of course.  There is also an oral treatment, but I don't know the name offhand.  Be sure to wash your hands well after handling the cat, and wash anything she has been on.

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