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Angus is a doll

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And a little brat sometimes! He's already friends (somewhat) with are dog, Fidget. It's true what they say about Mink Tonkinese...they do feel like mink coats. He's such a sweetheart. I love him so much!
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Oh, BTW. Whne we took little Angus to the vet I looked atthe August 2001 issue ot Cat Fancy and took a look at Rene's article thingy.
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Tell us more about the Adventures of Angus!

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Well Christine has been busy with Angus, but she has been online so I don't really know why she hasn't been here lately.

Anyway that kitten is the sweetest! He's a little sh*t for sure, but he'll climb up your leg, then just when you are about to yell at him, he starts giving you kisses on the lips.

He reminds me of Pepe le Pew when he sees Sateycat. When he sees Satey Gus starts whining and takes off running after poor old Satey (who by the way wants nothing to do with the little one). If Satey hops onto the bed, Gus is right here after him, if Satey crawls into the closet, Gus crawls in after him. I went into my room the other day, and Satey was up on top of his cat tree, and as I got further into my room sure enough, Gus was sitting at the bottom of the tree! It's so funny to watch.

Our dog, Fidget, however, does get along great with Gus. It took gus about 2 days before he would willingly go near the dog. Now they are best buds. Gus is always terrorizing Fidget. I think Fidget is in doggie heaven. He's been trying to make friends with Sateycat for 6 years. Now he has his own little best bud. It's funny too, since Fidget has the coloring of a Siamese cat, and Gus is Tonkinese, so they kind of match each other.

It seems as if he's doubled in size since we've gotten him. We planned to take a couple of pictures every week, but we got sidetracked. I just took some photos of him the other day, and he wasn't too happy about the camera flash and the noise the lens makes when it's focusing. But I got some adorable pics of Gus and Fidget sleeping together.
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