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Cat scratching carpet

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Hi all!


I'm having trouble with my cat always clawing and scratching up the carpet.  In my last apartment, she scratched up the carpet by the doors to the point where I had to pay to have the carpet replaced.  I have since moved to a new house, and have tried everything that I can possibly think of to remedy the situation.  As a kitten I learned that she likes to play in water, so using a water bottle sprayer to train her did not work.  I have used double sided tape on all of the edges of the carpet that she likes to shred, but she actually likes to chew on the tape and rip it up to get to the carpet.  I bought her extra scratching pads, a cat tree, and horizontal scratching pads and redirect her when she scratches the carpet.  I've tried using a citrus "no scratch" spray with no results.  I'm against declawing so I bought the soft claws nail covers.  She hated them and they lasted about 4 days on three different tries.  She pulled at them until her paws bled.  I'm not sure what other approach to take, and the carpet is already looking terrible!  Getting rid of her is not an option (however destructive she is I love her!).  Help please!

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Do you trim her claws?
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If it's a particular spot or two, have you tried placing a carpeted horizontal scratch pad on top of that spot of carpet? That's what worked for my cat. Eventually, she decided that was hers and I could move it anywhere and she would still use it.
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I trim her claws every week, and at the worst every two weeks. 


I put the horizontal scratchers over the area, but she moves them out of the way.  It's always the corner where the carpet connects to the wall, like at the door frame.  I figured it would stop when we moved since those spots didn't have her smell, but she immediately goes to them.  I cut one of those rubber welcome mats to fit the wall at the door frame that she normally does it at, but she picked another door to scratch at and attacks the floor mat until she can get under it.  She knows she's not supposed to do it, because when I catch her she runs away, but then sneaks back to it when she thinks I'm not looking. (or when I'm at work)

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I feel for you! My baby Dolly does this exact thing. I live in a rental too so we have all sorts of devices to keep her from scratching the carpet (pads, runners etc. ). So far nothing has worked. I have a sisal scratch pad that I put under the edge of the door but as soon as I open the door she goes for the carpet on the other side. The only solution I can come up with is when I buy a house we are going to have hardwood floors everywhere but the bedroom.rolleyes.gif

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I have been thinking about this one. Try putting some double-stick carpet tape over the places she has been scratching, and then putting carpet  squares over them. 


If she has been in the habit of scratching on the carpet for a long time, it is going to take some serious outsmarting her.


Try some vertical scratchers close to the places she has been using, and use catnip on them.

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I'm definitely going to try the carpet square idea!  I will still try to deter her from doing it, but at least if she messes it up it won't be the actual carpet.

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If you can get her to start using the squares, try gradually moving them to a place away from the doors.  Does she have a carpeted cat tower to climb? I saw she had a cat tree. Are we talking the same thing?

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Matt scratches carpets too, and he has scratching posts, cardboard scratchers, the works. The one thing that got him to stop scratching was to cap his claws. Soft paws are sold in pets stores and sheath the cat's claws, leaving them free to do everything they could normally do, except scratch. While he is wearing them, he does not scratch, but the second one falls off(they're temporary and must be replaced every couple of weeks like fake nails) he scratches again.I think he just likes the tug of carpet under his clawssigh.gif At 22bucks for 4sets though, they much cheaper and more humane than declawing or spraying things with chemical deterrants like various pet stores suggested to me.....

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try using feliway, it is an aromatic thing you plug in a socket, we cant smell it but animals can.

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Originally Posted by jerrylynx View Post

try using feliway, it is an aromatic thing you plug in a socket, we cant smell it but animals can.

Good catch.  I don't know how I missed suggesting that.  drool.gif

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Try temporarily covering the area(s) in aluminum foil. Cat's typically don't like aluminum foil. It worked to keep my one cat (a climber) off the kitchen counter and piano. When I removed the foil, he didn't try to get on those areas. It might make your house look funny for a little while.  :)


Then try placing a scratching post or one of those cardboard scratching boards near the areas he was scratching and perhaps she will divert. If she likes catnip, you can sprinkle a little catnip on the scratching post/board to attract her. Just a thought.

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I have three cats, two girls and one boy, and they ALL scratch in the doorways and around the door frames. They destroyed the older carpeting I had but I refused to let them destroy my new carpet. Searching for solutions I found mats perfectly fitted for doorways, I bought 5 of them ... they are awesome the cats can scratch but it does not destroy the mats and the cats no longer have access to the new carpets, the mats are clear and don’t slip. I just can’t tell you how happy I was to find them in time because I have also tried tapes but the cats think it’s a game of how quickly they can shred it up and eat it. Hahaha

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Lily has torn up the carpet outside the bedroom door but only does it when the door is closed. I am keeping the girls separated in order to reintroduce them. I put a small cheap rug over the bald spot and called it a day. My partner said she did it some before if the door was closed at night.
I guess she hates closed doors and not being able to all of the rooms all of the time.
Trying to put one of their scratching pads there is a great idea. I am going to try that as well.
Lucas will probably not get his pet deposit back if we move but I guess that's why they require them.
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