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Patrick (crf) is having a baaad night

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Please keep my sweet cream boy in your thoughts tonight...he has never vomitted like this since his diagnosis of crf 16+ months ago. We are off to the vets tomorrow (bad looking tooth and he's not eating) but first there is tonight and tomorrow morning.

I'm going to give him fluids since I think he's dehyrated and made some slippery elm bark syrup to give him (since his pepcid ac is obviously not working....) one is up on the crf list, and I'm shakingly upset. I can't bear for him to feel this sick (odd, nasty little disease, he's been motoring along doing pretty well)
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Oh Pat, I am so sorry. I know this disease is heart wrenching for the owner and so bad for the cat as well. I will keep a prayer in my heart and wish you and your sweet furbaby a peaceful night-
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What a difficult time to go through for both of you, you and your boy are in my thoughts.
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So sorry to hear Patrick is so sick and you have the long night to get through before you can see your vet. I'm thinking of you both - let us know how you get on tomorrow.:flower:
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I'm so sorry Pat. This must be so hard. I will keep Patrick in my thoughts. **hugs**
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Just a quick update...thanks to everyone who sent us positive thoughts!

I did give him fluids, and some cooked slippery elm bark syrup that I made up, he went from looking totally miserable and hunched over to almost perky just now when I woke up. No more vomitting, no more hunching, so I am relieved...I will handfeed him a bit this morning, including more of the SEB, and see what happens at our vet apt. later today...for now, I'm going to catch a few more winks with him guarding my pillow from my husband (as he always does...he likes to sleep with his tail end towards Frej, and his head on my pillow and one paw on my arm....think he's saying "mine"??)
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I will say a prayer for your sweetie pie
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I am relieved to see this post this morning! I hope the vet visit goes well.
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I'm so sorry he had a bad night and glad to see that he is feeling better this morning!! What a nasty, roller-coaster disease this is!!

Originally posted by Pat & Alix
no one is up on the crf list
Mind if I ask about this crf list? My Bogart is on a downslide right now and would like to find some additional support.
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I'm sorry your baby had a bad night & wish I would have been up to give you some support. The roller coaster of CRF has to be the hardest part. Let us know what the vet says. Since the bad week I've had, I've come to the decision that having a bets imput is very important.
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Originally posted by Momofmany
Mind if I ask about this crf list? My Bogart is on a downslide right now and would like to find some additional support.
It's the Feline-CRF-Support one of the yahoogroups lists, you have to be a member of yahoogroups, which is located here you can then search for this group by name, and ask to join. It is a wonderfully experienced and informative group...had I just stayed up another 5 minutes or so, I would have seen a list member who was up and did write in response
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Poor Patrick.

*Sending positive thoughts and prayers his way*.

Hope he has a better day today.

Take care. Please let us know what the vet said.
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Thanks to everyone for their kind thoughts.

We don't have the best of news, though we don't really have an answer either. We repeated all his kidney value labs and are checking his blood count including wbc's which have been off, as well as a urine sample obtained by cystocentesis, and he's on antirobe for his teeth/gums...but she felt a mass in his colon, she thinks...and something doesn't feel right around the thyroid. He goes back on Monday for her to re-palpate the areas, and is scheduled for an ultra sound on Tuesday.

I can not stand the thought of him having lymphoma or other cancer

I'll post again after Tuesday,
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Keeping positive thoughts in my head for you and Patrick- Just enjoy each other and know that whatever comes down the road, you have the strength to see it through.
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Keeping both you and Patrick in my thoughts too. Enjoy each other's company each day and you will find the strength you need. We are hear for you.

Take care of yourself. You're doing a great job. *hugs*
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Poor Patrick What a rollercoaster indeed. I hope and pray that you find some good news out for him.
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Well...things are becoming interesting (in a good way). I took Patrick back in today, to have his gut and thryoid palpated again, and the decision was made to still proceed with his u/s tomorrow morning. However - his labs came back and to my amazement he really improved his creatine level - down to high 2's from high 3's! and his BUN dropped as well. The clue is that his thyroid result is very different from the one in late July (and that I could see just how constipated he is by catching him really straining to go today..poor guy, he had to have an assist to "deliver"! ) long as this mass she felt turns out to just be stool, we may "simply" be looking at hyperthyroidism which we can then deal with....for the constipation he is about to get a lovely little dose of lactulose

I won't relax until I hear the u/s results, but I feel more positive (and he's been eating more and doing better since Friday).

Thanks for everyone's positive thoughts, please keep them coming!
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*Passing on some good vibes for the u/s.*

Hope Patrick does well with the test. Good to hear he's doing better.

Good luck and take care.
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